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Department of Economics & Finance

Welcome to Huntsman School of Business Faculty and Staff Portal. Most of this information is for use by our faculty and staff, but the directory below contains the contact information for the Department of Econmics and Finance employees.

Name Email Phone Location
Mary Beth Barnes
Katarzyna Anna Bilicka
Ben Blau
Timothy J. Bond
Tyler Bowles
Tyler Brough
Frank Caliendo
R. Jared DeLisle
Briggs Depew
Christopher Fawson
James Feigenbaum
T. Scott Findley
Paul Fjeldsted
John Gilbert
Todd Griffith
Lenaye Harris
Samantha Horan
Rick Hornsby
Monica Hullinger
Dwight Israelsen
Vicki Jones
Andrew Layne
Jin Li
Quyen Nguyen
Jordan Pinkham
Lucas A. Rentschler
Douglas Romrell
Danjue Shang
William F. Shughart II
Randy T. Simmons
Jason Smith
Donette Sorenson
Alan Stephens
David Stowell
Martin Van der Linden
Ryan Whitby