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Career Outcomes

Student career outcomes data is tracked and maintained by the Huntsman Analysis, Information, and Accreditation (AIA) office of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. In collaboration with academic departments and programs of the Huntsman School, USU Career Services, and the USU Office of Analysis, Assessment, and Accreditation, the Huntsman AIA office seeks to build a profile of each student at the time of graduation. This profile helps the school understand and describe the intentions, direction, and success of students as they complete their degrees and move on to the next element of their career/life.   
While most graduates choose to enter the labor force after graduation, many also pursue additional education; others do service work or commit to family responsibilities. The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is dedicated to helping our students achieve success in whatever endeavor they pursue after graduation. Unless otherwise noted, data displayed on the visualizations linked from this page represent the status of Huntsman graduates in the 3 month window, post- graduation. 
If you have questions or concerns regarding this data, please contact Guy Ballard ( or Robin Wheelwright ( 

Undergraduate Outcomes

Graduate Outcomes