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Current Undergraduate Scholarships & Tuition


Scholarship Opportunities

Over the past 10 years, scholarship monies awarded by the Huntsman School of Business have increased by 138 percent. In academic year 2018-2019, the Huntsman School of Business awarded $2.7 million in scholarships. These scholarships are funded through the generosity of our alumni, friends, and corporate partners.

Below are scholarship opportunities available to Huntsman School of Business students. Each scholarship opportunity has unique requirements and deadlines. Please review each opportunity carefully.

Huntsman Scholar Program Scholarship

Incoming and Current Students can apply to participate in the Huntsman Scholar Program - a highly selective undergraduate business and economics program. Students receive a $2,000 annual stipend for up to four years (can be deferred for up to two years). 

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Huntsman School Academic Scholarship

The Huntsman School offers several scholarships that are based on a student’s academic performance (GPA) and financial need. The application opens in December of each year, with scholarships being awarded in April/May. Awarded scholarships are applied to the following academic school year.

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Hansen Differential Tuition Scholarship

The Hansen Charitable Trust has established a scholarship to assist undergraduate Huntsman School of Business students with differential tuition. Awards are offered each semester, based on need, to students who are not already covered by full tuition scholarships. The application is open the first-two weeks of each semester (fall and spring) and money is applied to that semester’s tuition.

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Huntsman School Opportunity Scholarship

Opportunity Scholarships assist with the cost of participating in Huntsman School programs and opportunities. Awards are offered on a semester-to-semester, and case-by-case basis.

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