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Curriculum & Schedules

Business Acumen Prep Courses

Individuals who do not have an undergraduate business degree will need to complete 5 prep courses. Topics include: Accounting, Excel, Finance and Marketing. The content of these courses is considered an integral part of the MHR curriculum.

Additional Prep Course Details

Professional Development Course

The Professional Development Course will help you polish your resume, sharpen your interview skills, and get an amazing summer internship. The course is completed during the summer before classes begin in the Fall and provides in-depth preparation for the internship recruiting season which starts soon after classes begin. Throughout the course, students work with MHR alumni and assigned program mentors to complete assignments such as LinkedIn profile reviews, resume reviews, a career action plan, mock interviews, and informational interviews.

MHR Curriculum

The MHR on-campus program is in 4 semesters fall, spring, summer and fall. The program consist of 36 credits (which includes a summer internship course worth 3 credits).

Summer Internship

As part of the MHR program's curriculum,students complete a summer internship. The MHR program maintains a strong relationship with numerous corporations with forward-thinking, strategic HR practices. These companies provide opportunities for our students to work on real projects, complete meaningful internships, and learn from the industry’s best.

Tips on locating an internship and past internship placement information.

Global Learning Experience

Understanding HR practices in a global context is a key component of the MHR program. Students participating in the on-campus program are required to participate in one of the organized international trips during spring break.

Europe Trip - Spring 2019 Information

Countries Visited: Copenhagen, Denmark; Prague, Czechia and Malmö, Sweden
Companies Visited: Lego, Accenture, Honeywell, IBM, Microsoft, and the University of Copenhagen
Trip Leaders: Dr. Konrad Lee and David Herrmann

Photo gallery for 2018 Europe Trip

China Trip - Spring 2019 Trip Information

Countries Visited: Beijing and Shanghai, People's Republic of China. 
Companies Visited: Cummins, Xiaomi Inc., Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Ford Motor Company, Jabil, Honeywell, and Eaton Corporation
Trip Leaders: Dr. Tim Gardner and Bruce Boucher

Photo gallery for 2018 China Trip