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Covey Leadership Fellows

The Covey Leadership Fellows (CLF) is a community of students who are interested in developing their leadership and helping others to do the same. This community provides support for many of the activities of the Covey Leadership Center and receives additional opportunities for their personal leadership development. 


Students in the Covey Leadership Fellows community have a variety of opportunities to receive coaching and learn leadership theory from some of the most accomplished leaders in the past and present. Opportunities to learn include:

lord hastings


Thomas Jefferson said, “what we learn to do, we learn by doing.” Many leadership skills can only be cultivated through practice. CLF provides opportunities to hone your leadership skills through a variety of opportunities including the following:


Leave a Legacy

The Covey Leadership Fellows strives to have a positive impact in the local community and throughout the world. Service is a key ingredient when developing principle-centered leadership. Work to leave a lasting legacy through opportunities including:


Covey Leadership Center Experiences

Members of the Covey Leadership Fellows are encouraged to participate in the Covey Leadership Center Experiences. These experiences include  international leadership trips, the 7 Habits Journey, Strengths Coaching, the Executive Challenge, MSLE 3800, the Leadership Challenge for Elementary Schools (LCES) and more.

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