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Covey Leadership Club

The Covey Leadership Club is a community of students who are interested in developing their leadership and helping others to do the same. Led by the Covey Leadership Fellows, this community provides support for many of the activities of the Covey Leadership Center and receives additional opportunities for their personal leadership development. 

Register to Join Covey Leadership Fellows

Registration is a two part process, please submit the membership form and then pay your $25 membership dues.

VIP Access at Events

Covey Leadership Club members will be given a VIP experience at every Covey Center event. An example of what this may look like is exclusive time with an influential leader.

lord hastings

Priority Registration

All club members will have priority registration in Covey Center programs and events. This include Strengths-Based Coaching, the Executive Challenge, speaker events, and more.


Learn by Leading

Thomas Jefferson said, “what we learn to do, we learn by doing.” As a member of the Covey Leadership Club you will have the chance to help facilitate Covey Center events and learn to lead by leading others.


Covey Leadership Center Experiences

Members of the Covey Leadership Club are encouraged to participate in the Covey Leadership Center Experiences. These experiences include The World's Principled Leaders Series, International Leadership Trips, the 7 Habits Journey, Strengths-Based Coaching, the Executive Challenge, MSLE 3800, the Leadership Challenge for Elementary Schools (LCES) and more.

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