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Strengths Coaching

"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you
did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming."


The Program

We are all unique and possess very particular sets of talents, or strengths. When we use our strengths often—in our studies, work, and daily life—we tend to find more fulfillment, success and happiness. Unfortunately, many people live much of their lives without using their strengths, or even being aware of them.

The Stephen R. Covey Leadership Center has created a strengths coaching process to help you uncover and apply your personal strengths. This high impact process will help you become more self-aware, develop your strengths, and find ways to live a more meaningful life. 

Brief overview of the strengths coaching process:

  1. The Reflected Best Self Exercise (RBSE)The Reflected Best Self Exercise gives you the opportunity to solicit input from those around you concerning who you are when you’re at your best.
  2. Coaching Session 1: Strengths Reflection – You will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your strengths through reflection with your coach. 
  3. Coaching Session 2: Strengths Application – You will look at each of your strength themes with your coach and plan how to apply them in your most important relationships and challenges at school, home, and work.
  4. Coaching Session 3: Follow Up – After two weeks of strengths application you will meet with your coach to follow up on your progress.

covey coaching

One average, the entire leadership coaching process takes 7-9 weeks to complete.

Get Involved

Masters and Undergraduate students can apply for coaching. If you are selected to participate, then you will be contacted by one of our Strengths Coaches and you will begin the coaching process. The coaching process takes an average of 8 weeks to complete.

Apply Now

Key Dates

The fall application is due by
11:59 PM on September 13

Start Dates
If accepted, a coach will contact you,
and you will choose a start date. 
Time Commitment Five 30-60 minute meetings with your coach over the course of about eight weeks.
Participant Requirements
  • Humble and have a great desire to learn and improve.
  • Comfortable being vulnerable and honest with a coach.
  • Able to meet with a coach four times over the course of eight weeks.
Cost Participants will be responsible for purchasing the Reflected Best Self Exercise (RBSE) - $15.