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How to Sign Up For a Mock Interview

Students may sign up for mock interviews through AGGIE | Handshake.

1. Beginning January 7, log in/register at AGGIE | Handshake. If it is your first time logging in, you will need to set up your profile.

2. You must have a current resume uploaded to AGGIE | Handshake in order to participate. Review of your resume by Career Development or a trusted mentor is strongly advised in advance of applying for a mock interview.

3. In Handshake, select "Jobs", then click "On-campus Interviews", search keyword, "Mock Interview" and you will find the four interview schedules, grouped by employer last name (A-C, E-K, L-N, P-Z)

4. Apply to the position and select your mock interview employer and time. Each interview slot is 15 minutes, and you can sign up for more than one mock interview, but it is not recommended to sign up for back to back interviews.

5. To sign up for multiple interview, you must apply to each interview schedule separately. You cannot apply to interview with two employers in the same schedule. Pending availability, if you want to interview with two employers in the same schedule, please email your request to

6. If you have questions about setting up your Handshake profile or applying for a mock interview, please contact Huntsman Career Development at  (435)797-2272 or visit us in EBB 309.

Sign-up Tips: 

  • When viewing interview times, filter interview schedule by "interviewer" to see all times available by employer.
  • Once registered, check your schedule and make sure you do not schedule two interviews for the same time slot.

* The last day that students can sign up for a mock interview in Handshake will be Tuesday, January 22 at 11:55 PM

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