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Huntsman School Career Development Opportunities

As a student of the Huntsman School you have opportunities for career development that will add experience and value to your life. We invite you to take full advantage of all we offer so that as you apply for internships and full-time jobs, you will have developed the competencies that employers are looking for.

Focused Fridays

Fridays at the Huntsman School of Business are dedicated to accelerating your career through face-to-face interactions with executives and industry professionals.

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Career Readiness Opportunity

Career readiness is the attainment of competencies that prepare graduates for transition into the workplace. Learn and develop skills that employers look for during recruitment.

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Career Exploration Trips

Connect with alumni, get career advice, job search tips and enjoy an immersive workplace experience. Experience first hand opportunities for meaningful careers with our Career Exploration Trips.

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Student Clubs

With over 20 clubs and organizations built out solely for student development, we aim to increase your networking and leadership capabilities outside of the classroom.

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