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Wednesday, November 11

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Telling Our Story: 130 Years of Aggie Women


Merrill-Cazier Library joins the Year of the Woman celebration with the exhibit "Telling Out Story: 130 Years of Aggie Women." The exhibit is on display from October 1-November 23 in the Library Atrium. It can also be viewed digitally at http://exhibits.usu.edu/exhibits/show/tellingourstory.

All Day | Merrill-Cazier Library |

Building Girls and Boys into Healthy Adults (Segment 3, Understanding Gender for Educators & Parents)


The Utah Women & Leadership Project invites you to join us for Segment 3 of a 4-part webinar series titled "Why Gender Matters for Teachers & Parents: An In-Depth Exploration."

Why Gender Matters for Teachers & Parents: Segment 3 - Building Girls and Boys into Healthy Adults

Description: This webinar introduces educators and parents to research studies that can help them understand the biological and socialized distinctions between boys and girls, young men and young women, and men and women. Comprehending the inherent gender differences will help educators and parents integrate knowledge that can further maximize student learning and have the greatest impact on educational outcomes. We will discover how to build girls and boys into healthy adults by exploring tools to better understand how hormones, puberty, respect, friendship, sexual orientation, and gender fluidity effect and influence each child.

8:00 am - 9:00 am | Online/Virtual |

Feeling Like a Fraud: Navigating Perfectionism & Impostor Syndrome as Women

Panel Discussion/Presentation

“Feeling like a fraud” is an issue that many women grapple with. In fact, research confirms that most women experience impostor syndrome in one or more areas of their lives. Impostor syndrome is a phenomenon that causes women to doubt their accomplishments or talents and have a persistent fear of being exposed as unqualified, even when there is ample evidence that they are competent. Perfectionism is one of the primary factors underlying this common experience, and it can negatively impact a woman’s confidence as well. Bringing in research findings, Dr. Susan R. Madsen will moderate a lively and engaging panel of Utah women leaders to discuss what causes impostor syndrome and perfectionism, why these challenges are so common among women specifically, and how we can more effectively navigate these experiences. By learning how to mitigate the negative effects of perfectionism and impostor syndrome, women can increase feelings of self-worth and confidence, strengthen aspirations and ambitions to lead, and become inspired to more fully engage in the community (locally, nationally, globally) as a support to other women and girls.

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm | Online/Virtual |

USU MHR Presents "How to Interview with a Fortune 500 Company"


USU Master of Human Resources Program presents “How to Interview with a Fortune 500 Company” virtual info session.

This live session will feature representatives from Honeywell (F500 Company), Chevron (F500 Company) and USU Career Services!
Get the strategic, high-paying career in Human Resources you’ve always wanted with special insider tips.
Attendees will connect via Zoom (information will be sent to participants once registered for the event).

The event will be available on November 10th and 11th. Please select a date on the registration form.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Online/Virtual |

Financial Planning Association Meeting: Preparing for the CFP Exam

Student Activities

Come hear from Stockton Gunnell from DA Davidson on how he prepared for taking CFP exam.

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Online/Virtual |




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