About Dr. Vern Buehler (1919 - 2014)

Dr. Vern Buehler

After a distinguished 25 year career in the military, Dr. Vern Buehler retired as a Colonel in the U.S. Army in 1967. During the time of his military service, Dr. Buehler completed an MBA from the Harvard Business School (1948), obtained his CPA (1953) and completed a Ph.D. in Economics from George Washington University (1964). At the time of his retirement, Dr. Buehler was serving in a senior administrative role in the Pentagon where he reported to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Analysis. In spite of having many very lucrative offers to work in industry after his retirement, Dr. Buehler and his wife MaRee returned to his alma mater, Utah State University, in December of 1967 and began a highly distinguished second career as a professor and principled leader in the College of Business.

Dr. Buehler’s life was filled with extraordinary examples of leadership and self-discipline in the service of his country and in fulfilling his deep sense of personal duty to his fellow human beings. In creating and extending his leadership legacy Dr. Buehler was a mentor, scholar, teacher, academic entrepreneur and philanthropist. It is his example of intellectual curiosity, professional achievement and commitment to service that inspires and motivates the academic and practitioner focus of Buehler Leadership Scholars.

In the fall of 2012, Dr. Fawson was named to the Dr. Vernon Maughan Buehler and MaRee C. Buehler Endowed Professor in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. As part of an effort to perpetuate Dr. Vern Buehler’s leadership legacy and to extend that leadership legacy to a new generation of Huntsman School students, Dr. Fawson created the Buehler Scholars program.

Students apply for the opportunity to become "Buehler Leadership Scholars" and, if accepted, are given a $500 stipend and a copy of each book selected for the Buehler Scholar experience. Each selected Buehler Scholar chooses a book on leadership as the focus of a semester-long exploration of leadership principles. Over the course of the semester Buehler Scholars meet for a hosted dinner to discuss leadership principles reflected in each of the selected readings.

Dr. Buehler passed away July 25, 2014, shortly after celebrating his 95th birthday.