The payroll office has issued the 1042S forms for international students - VITA administrators can check for this form if you have not received it.

irs vita intake form:

Please fill out and print this non-resident IRS VITA Intake Form prior to coming to the VITA Site.  We will have these forms at the site to fill out as well.

items to bring to the vita site:

Must Bring ALL of These:
·         IRS VITA Intake Form (link above, also available at the VITA site)
·         Photo Identification - Please bring Passport and Visa
·         Social Security Cards or ITINs for you, your spouse, and dependents – Must have the actual card(s).  Just the number or a copy is NOT sufficient. USU employees may use their W-2 as proof of SSN.
·         Birth dates for you, your spouse, and dependents
·         Wage and earning statements from all employers (Form W-2, Form W2-G, Form 1099-R, etc.)

Also Bring Any of These That Apply:
·         Form 1042-S if you received one
·         Interest and dividend statements from banks (Form 1099)
·         A copy of last year’s Federal and State returns for reference
·         Bank Routing Numbers and Account Numbers for Direct Deposit of refunds (easiest way is to bring a check)
·         A USB Flash Drive to save an electronic copy of your return (optional). 
·         Any other documents that are tax-related.  If in doubt, just bring it.

important notice about scholarships

Please note that any amount reported on a W-2 statement will not be considered as scholarship money.  If you think that any amount on your W-2 is supposed to be a scholarship, you must meet with your department to get your paperwork fixed PRIOR to coming to the VITA Site.  A letter from the department is NOT sufficient.  Your papers must be fixed so that none of the scholarship money is reported on your W-2 before our VITA Site will be able to help you.  VITA cannot help you get these new forms; you will have to work with your department.