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Undergraduate Economics Program

Learning Goals and Objectives

The undergraduate Economics program measures progress on learning goals and objectives through a department-specific assessment plan. In what follows, we reference just the learning goals and objectives that relate directly to the economics program.

(*Denotes a recently revised or new objective and/or measurement method that is currently being evaluated. Results will be provided in the Outcomes Data as they become available.)

Assessment Mapping

Coverage is ranked as high (H), medium (M), or low (L). The result of this ranking is presented in the following table. This analysis forms the basis for embedded assessment deployment. The courses for which a specific learning goal is ranked an "H" are candidates for embedded assessment activities for that learning goal. From this analysis, assessment assignments are made to specific courses for each learning goal. Generally, assessment of each objective occurs twice during each five-year period, however, more frequent assessments are made based upon amendments to the overall assessment plan and modification of learning goals.

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Undergraduate Economics Program

L1: Economic Training
Students will recieve the skills necessary for the analysis of economic problems on the basis of economic theory.

L2: Business Enterprise
Students will have a broad understanding of business enterprise.

L3: Analytical Rigor
Students will be able to think critically and use analytical tools and reasoning skills to effectively support decision making.
L4: Global Vision
Students will understand the context within which business activity occurs.
Course        Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective 1 Objective 1 Objective 1
 ECN 1500 M M L L L H
 ECN 2010 L M L H L H
 ECN 3010 L H M H M H
 ECN 4010 L H H H H H
 ECN 4020 H L H L H H
 ECN 5020 H L H L H H
 ECN 5330 L L H L H L
(H) High focus in this course, (M) medium focus in this course, (L) low focus in this course.


Outcomes Data

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Closing the Loop (Continuous Improvement)

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