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Assessment Plan

Assessment and AoL activities in the Huntsman School have ownership at multiple levels. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, working closely with the Huntsman School Curriculum Committee, oversees and coordinates the development, implementation, and evaluation of school-wide learning goals, objectives, and outcomes assessments. The Huntsman School also dedicates appropriate resources and expertise at the staff level, including a dedicated Assessment Specialist, to facilitate the effective management and sustainability of the assessment plan. The School primarily uses direct assessment methods, with course embedded assessment (CEA) being the most common. Indirect assessment methods, including surveys and standardized exams (e.g. the Defining Issues Test), are used as supplementary methods only where applicable. CEAs are performed by faculty teams, led by a Core Course Leader. Results and feedback flow across these entities to department heads and program directors, as appropriate, to assure quality across the Huntsman undergraduate program. Examples of Core Course Leader Reports can be found here.

For details pertaining to individual programs, including learning objectives and outcomes data, please use the navigation on the left.

Huntsman School assessment plan