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Franck Wiebe

Franck Wiebe

Title:  Chief Economist
Company:  Millennium Challenge Corporation
Location:  Washington, D.C.


BS, MS, Political Science, Northwestern University
MS, Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Ph.D., Development Economics, Food Research Institute, Stanford University

Huntsman School Interactions

Seminar Presentation - October 11, 2010


As Chief Economist, Dr. Franck Wiebe is responsible for ensuring the quality and consistency of the analysis of economic logic and growth impact across all of MCC’s activities. The Chief Economist manages the division of Economic Analysis and Evaluation within the Department of Policy and International Relations. In this capacity, Dr. Wiebe’s responsibilities include establishing appropriate guidelines for MCC’s economic analysis that is used to assess the potential growth impact of investments proposed by partner countries.

his work starts with the conduct of an analysis of constraints to growth that is used to help focus the proposal development process. Economic analysis continues through due diligence and into implementation to ensure that activities funded by MCC have a reasonable expectation of generating adequate returns. Dr. Wiebe coordinates the technical work of economists during compact development and implementation through the management of the Economics Practice Group within MCC.

Dr. Wiebe is also responsible for MCC’s investments in independent impact evaluations. In some situations, projects proposed to MCC for funding present unusual opportunities to learn more about the circumstances under which development assistance can be most cost-effective. In such cases, MCC allocates additional resources outside of the country compact budget to set in place rigorous impact evaluations by independent contractors. The Chief Economist is responsible for managing the work of the Impact Evaluation Practice Group.