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Nathalie Mathieu-Bolh

Nathalie Mathieu-Bolh

Title:  Economics Professor
Company:  University of Vermont
Location:  Burlington, Vermont


BA, Finance, Grandes Ecoles
MS, Finance, Grandes Ecoles
Ph.D., Economics, University of Paris 1, Pantheon-Sorbonne

Huntsman School Interactions

Economics and Finance Seminar Speaker - May 2010


Nathalie Mathieu-Bolh, assistant professor of economics, received her bachelor's and master's degrees in finance from French "Grandes Ecoles," her master's and doctorate degrees in economics from University of Paris 1, Pantheon-Sorbonne with highest honors for doctoral dissertation.

She comes to UVM from a teaching position at the University of California, San Diego.

Her research relates to macroeconomics and public finance. Her approach is an "applied theory" approach. It consists in building theoretical models based on empirical observations. She uses these models to understand the macroeconomic effects of government policies as well as their redistribution potential.

Dr. Mathieu-Bolh's recent research papers have focused on optimal taxation. Her current research includes understanding the differences between tax treatments in different countries as well as studying the consequences on welfare of different government philosophies or constraints. In 2007-2008, she taught macroeconomics and a seminar in public finance.