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Mel Torrie

Mel Torrie

Title: Founder, President, and CEO

Company: Autonomous Solutions Incorporated

Huntsman School Interactions:

Member of The Center for Entrepreneurship Founders Board
Entrepreneur Leadership Series Speaker - January 9, 2020


Mr. Torrie grew up on a farm in Alberta Canada and earned a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University. Mr. Torrie then taught at Utah State University and worked on multiple NASA Space Shuttle payloads. 20 years ago he spun out the university’s robotics lab to make driverless vehicles a reality in industries like agriculture, mining, construction, security, material handling, and automotive. Other businesses he’s started with his wife include a restaurant, school of rock/jazz, and a non-profit foundation for disadvantaged youth in Central America. Mel has been an invited keynote speaker and trainer on the topics of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Robotics, and STEM education in countries like Egypt, Russia, China, Japan, Croatia, Germany, South Africa, and Australia


Entrepreneur Leadership Series: Mel Torrie - Jan 29, 2020