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Nathan Putnam

Nathan Putnam

Title: CEO and Co-founder

Company: Monumetric

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Educational Background:

MBA, Huntsman School of Business, 2012
BS Philosophy, Utah State, 2006

Huntsman School Interactions:

Entrepreneur Leadership Series Speaker – January 17, 2018


Nathan believes in building people and finds motivation and fulfillment from deep, trusting relationships, be it business or personal. As co-founder and CEO of Monumetric he gets to nerd-out about data, analytics, and optimization strategies that unlock significant earning potential for the people that publish content online. What they do at Monumetric isn’t magic, it’s science. They just follow the data. Nathan aligns himself with causes, companies, and people who are out to leave the world and everyone in it better than when they found it. 

Nathan, and his wife Monique, have been happily married for 10 years. They have four amazing children and are raising them to also change the world for the better. 


Entrepreneur Leadership Series Speaker – January 17, 2018