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Katie Liljenquist

Katie Liljenquist

Title: Assistant Professor

Company: Marriott School of Business, Brigham Young University

Location: Provo, Utah

Educational Background:

Ph.D., Northwestern University


Katie Liljenquist is an assistant professor of organizational leadership and strategy at the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.

As a National Science Foundation fellow, she did her graduate work at the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. She's taught negotiations at both the Kellogg and Marriott schools and has been honored for outstanding instruction in the MBA classroom.

Professor Liljenquist studies the psychology of decision-making in the domains of ethics, power, impression management and counterfactual thinking. Her research on the "Macbeth Effect" (physical cleansing as a surrogate for moral cleansing) was published in Science Magazine and recognized by the New York Times' annual "Year in Ideas" magazine as one of the most innovative ideas of 2006. She has also authored multiple articles on dispute resolution strategies in Negotiation, a publication of the Harvard Business School.


Dean's Convocation: February 13, 2008