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Alumni & Friends Directory

Name Title
Larry and Caryl Abdo Founders
John N. Abel Innovations Product Manager
Stephen Abu Country Manager
William Adams Founder
Doug Adams Director, Utility Industry Vertical
John Adams Partner
Alley Agee Recruiting Sourcer
Tayseer Al-Smadi Chairman
Kent Alder Former CEO and President
Nathan D. Alder Shareholder
Carl F. Allen Director of Information Systems Security
Heather A. Allen Tax Partner
Brian Allen Director of Financial Reporting
Franklin Allen Nippon Life Professor of Finance, Professor of Economics, Co-Director of Financial Institutions
Scott Allen Senior HR Manager
Michael Allred I.S. Security Consultant
Alan Allred President and CEO Executive Vice President
Chance Allred Chief Sales Officer
Gary Andersen Head Coach
Amy Rees Anderson Founder and Managing Partner
Margaret Anderson
Becky Anderson Founder
Gary Anderson Partner and Owner
Dave Anderson Administrative Partner
Clain Anderson IT Security Manager
Scott Anderson President and Chief Executive Officer
Gail Anger CPA
Callie Apt Sr. Director of Global Sales Enablement & Proposals
Reed W. Archibald Vice President of Administration
Joe Armstrong CFO
Bree Arnold Inside Account Manager
Lori L. Aston Manager of Pinterest Partner Solutions
David Auger Engineering Section Chief
Kerry Back Professor of Economics and Finance
David Bailey CEO
Gregg D. Bailey CEO
Spencer K. Bailey Founder
Steve Bain President
Lloyd Baird Professor of Management
Janna Barlow Business Director
Jay B. Barney Professor of Strategy
Timothy L. Barney Managing Director
Chris Barrow General Partner
Casey Barrus Principal
Boyd Baugh Chairman (Retired)
Matt T. Bauman Head of SMB Sales
Rosario Bazan CEO
Brian Beckstead Co-Founder & Global VP of Sales
Gail Bedke Vice President of Strategic Account Management
Paul Belcher Owner
David Bell Xinmei Zhang and Yongge Dai Professor, Professor of Marketing
Tanner Bell Cofounder
Jeff Benedict Professor of Advanced Writing
Robert Bennett Former Senator
Curtis Bennett CEO
Brad Benson Chief of Staff, Software and Services Group
Darren Benson Co-Founder and Managing Member
Stacie Berdan International Careers Expert
David C. Berg CIO/Senior VP
Matt Berrett Director of Analytics
Ken Berry Partner & Co-Founder
Hank Bessembinder A. Blaine Huntsman Chaired Presidential Professor
Edward Bills Director, Research and Development
Chris Bingham Director of Global Marketing
Debbie Bingham Co-Founder
Douglas B. Bird
Robert Bischoff Senior Director of Commercial Banking
Gary R. Black Owner
Ken Blanchard Co-founder and Chief Spiritual Officer
José Blanco Managing Partner
Stephen L. Blaser Founder
Norman Bodek President
Ryan M. Bohm Certified Financial Planner
Mary McAllister Bold Founder, President, Owner
Boone Bowles Credit Analyst
Javan W. Bowles Economic Analyst
Kent Bracken Project Management Professional
Curtis Bramble Utah State Senator, District 16
Joe Brandl Founder & President
James Curtis Breitweiser Insurance Sales Mgr
Harlan M. Brewer Mid-level Software Developer
Clay Broadbent Cofounder and Senior Vice President
Brian Broadbent Managing Director
Adam Brown Founder and President, CEO
Danielle Schaap Brown Project Manager
Brandon Brown Director
Nicole Bruderer Chief Marketing Officer
David Bryan Human Resources Manager
Matthew M. Bryant CEO/CFO
Reed Buchanan University Relations Senior Manager
Emily Buckley Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Christine Buckley CFO
Vernon Buehler Professor Emeritus
Richard Buist Consultant
James Bullard President and Chief Executive Officer
Lance Bullen Founding and Managing Partner
Bill Bullen President
Jonathan W. Bullen President and CEO
Paul Bultema Head of Web Services Infrastructure Strategy
Jason Burr CFO
Austin Fugal Burtenshaw Business Analyst
Jerry Bussell Vice President of Operations
Jacque Butler Founder and CEO
Amanda Butterfield Director of PR
Dave Bywater CEO
Kim S. Cameron Professor of Management and Organizations
Joseph A. Cannon Editor
Chad Carlson Executive Vice President of Sales
Gregory Carr Oversight Committee
Kuha'o Case Musician
Mark Castillo Director of HR
James W. Chadburn Bureau Chief
Travis Chambers Founder & Chief Media Hacker
Brian Chambers Director of Human Resources
Brock Champlin HR Supervisor
Spencer Champlin Investment Associate
Kylee Champlin Cofounder
Chad Champlin Cofounder
Andrew J.C. Cherng Founder and Chairman
Bill Child Chairman of the Board
Phillip Chipping Founder
Yoon Hwan Choi General Authority
Anne Chow CEO
Kent M. Christensen CPA
Tracy Christman Partner
Corbin Church CEO
Ellen Clark Co-Owner
Jeffrey D. Clark Chairman and CEO
David L. Clark Director of Business Development
Joel Clark Co-founder
Dan Clark President and CEO
Sam Clark President
Jon Clark Co-founder
James Clarke CEO and Managing Partner
Rett Clevenger Founder
Steve Cloward Owner
Rob Clyde Managing Director
Noelle E. Cockett President
Brian S. Coffman President and CEO
Orrin T. Colby Jr. Consultant
Caretha Coleman Principal
Ken Coleman Chairman
Andrew Q. Coleman Relationship Manager
Dave Colling President
Beth Colosimo Executive Director
Kaden Comadena CEO
Douglas R. Conant Former CEO
Michael Cordova Director of Finance and Administration
Elizabeth Taylor Corliss Director of Personnel Force Development
Sheryl Corrigan Director of Environmental, Health and Safety
Stephen M.R. Covey CoFounder
Joshua Covey Vice President, Education Division
Stephen R. Covey Co-Founder and Vice Chairman
David M.R. Covey Keynote Speaker, Author, CEO
Michon Covington Finance Director
Mindi Cox Senior Vice President, People & Great Work
Mary Crafts Founder and Chairman of the Board
Lew W. Cramer President and CEO
James Crane CEO/COO
Bryce Cranney Partner
Marshall Adam Craw Account Director
Andrew Croshaw CEO
Danielle Crosland-Nielson Co-Owner
Craig Cuffie CPO
Alex Daines Associate
Steve Daley President of Market Based Management
James Davenport Partner
Merril Davis President and CEO
Scott Davis President and CEO
Jeff Davis President and CEO
Nicole DeBoom Founder and CEO
Randy Dean Support Renewal Sales
Brad Dee Director of Human Resources
Jason Deelstra Sr. Director Sales Marketing
Raul A. Deju Senior Partner at Brightstar Capital Partners and Former President and COO of Energy Solution
Daniel Dellenbach Director, Client Solutions
Charlie Denson Retired President
Ryan Dent Partner
Brooke Deterline Partner & CEO
Paul Devenny Head of Energy & Resources, US MMU
Paul Dickson Chief Revenue Officer
Brice Dimond President and Owner
Michael J. Dixon Assistant Professor
Craig Donaldson President
Thomas Donaldson Professor & Director
Jordan Douglas District Manager
Geri A. Douglas CPA, Audit Partner
Leston Drake CEO
Greg Dudley Investment Banking Analyst
Gene Dunford Senior Vice President, Corporate Banking Regional Director
Ron Dunford CEO
Van F. Dunn, Jr. Former Senior Vice President
Dave Durocher Managing Director
Blake Dursteler Director and Board Member
Spencer F. Eccles Chairman Emeritus
Kevin Ediger
Douglas Edward President
Kristopher W Edwards Operations Analyst
Maurice Egan Co-Manager
Steve Egli Managing Director
Kathy Elton Owner and Mediator
Kent Erickson Senior VP of Operations
Mark Erickson Partner
Nicholas D. Eskelson Financial Advisor
Richard Paul Evans Author
David Evans Shareholder
Matt Eyring Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Henry Johnson Eyring Advancement Vice President
Alan Fahringer Director
Heather Fawson Director of Sales
Bob Fawson Chief Product Officer
Teppo Felin Professor of Strategy
Steven Felt Senior Technology Consultant
Adam J Finch Recruiting Manager
Michael G. Findley Professor, Government and Public Affairs
Dave Finnegan CIO/VP of Information and Interactive
Eric Fisher Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Visiting Professor
Dean Fitzpatrick President
Holly Fjeldsted Development Director
Mark Fjeldsted Co-Owner
Matthew P. Flinders Owner
Bruce Fonnesbeck Retired Regional Manager
Ted Forbes Executive Vice President for People
Karith Foster Entrepreneur and Author
Doug Foxley Founder and Managing Director
Theresa Foxley President & CEO
Jay Francis Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Miller Family Philanthropy
Jana Francis Founder & President
Brittany Frandsen Associate
Martin Frey Managing Director
Paula K Fryland Executive Vice President
David Fuller Strategic Consulting Director
Kurt Fullmer Vice President
Taylor Funk Manager
Lacy Gadegaard Founder & CEO
Holly Robb Galbraith Director, Government Relations and Licensing
Cara L. Galleni Controller
Robert Gardiner Co-Founder & CEO
Kem Gardner Co-Founder and President
Craig Garrick CEO and Founder
Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth Chief of Mission (i.e. the Ambassador to the new nation of South Sudan) United States
Robert C. Gay Head of the Perpetual Education Fund
AnnMarie Geddes VP/Corporate Controller
Larry Gelwix CEO
Colin D. George Production Supervisor
Bill George Former Chairman & CEO
Gary Gigot General Partner
Sharon Giles Director of Human Resources
Marlowe Goble Orthopedic Surgeon
Justin Gold Founder and CEO
Andrea Gooch Portfolio Manager
Carrie Goodwin Owner
Conan Grames Managing Partner
Terry L. Grant President
Paul Grant Chief Revenue Officer
Adam Grant Associate Professor of Management
Joseph Grenny Co-founder
Bob Gross Attorney of Counsel
Staci Gunnell Controller
Pam Gunnell Human Resources Manager
Eric Hadfield Managing Director
Randall L. Hales CEO
Alan E. Hall Founder
Richard G. Hamermesh Senior Fellow
Justin Hamilton Owner
Todd Handy VP & Managing Director, Digital Media & AdTech
Jeremy Hanks Founder, President, and Chariman
Lars Peter Hansen David Rockefeller Distinguished Service Professor
Lynnette Thorne Hansen Owner
Luke M. Hansen President
Dell Loy Hansen Owner
Brock Hardcastle Business Senator
Ryan P. Hardy Director of Plant of Operation
Dennis R. Harris Retired Financial Officer
Justin W. Haskell Founder and CEO
Rick Haskins Executive Vice President, Marketing Digital Promotions
Lonnie L. Hastings Senior Financial Analyst
Sharlene Wells Hawks Chief Marketing Officer
Dan Hawksworth Vice President of Global Staffing
Eric Hawley CIO & Professor
Cody Haycock Material Aquisitions Specialist
Ryan Hemingway Partner
Michael D. Hendricks Assurance Associate
Larry Hendricks Co-Founder and Vice President of Finance and Management (Retired)
Chris Henley Sr. Manager
Adam Hepworth Founder
Frances Hesselbein President and CEO
David Hickox Partner
Kevin C. Hill Vice President of Marketing
Eric Hipple Former NFL Quarterback
Michael A. Hitt Distinguished Professor, Joe B. Foster '56 Chair in Business Leadership
Sierra P. Hoffer Research Analyst
Kristi L. Hogan Controller
Brody Holbrook President
Jared Holland Co-Founder
Mark Holland Chairman and CEO
Kari Holt-Larson Vice President of Community & Special Events
Young-Chul Hong President and CEO
John C. Hortin Mortgage Loan Originator
Rob E. Hoskisson George R. Brown Professor of Management
Brandon Houmand Global Support Plan Technician
Curt Howes Founder and President
Bryce Huff Sales Manager
Clint R. Hugie Health Law Student
Stephanie Hugie Economist
Jeff Hunsaker VP, Head of Customer Success
L. Tom Hunsaker CEO/Principal Consultant
Karen Haight Huntsman Philanthropist
David Huntsman President
Jon M. Huntsman Founder and Chairman
Peter Huntsman President, CEO, and Director
Paul Huntsman President and CEO
Jon Huntsman Jr.
Scott Huskinson CEO and President
Chris Infurchia CEO, Partner
Freddy Ishola Owner
Kyle Ivins CMO and Co-founder
Brad Jackman Partner & Executive Vice President (Retired)
Colin G. Jackson Systems Analyst
Zachary Jackson Project Software Engineer
Eric Jacobsen Managing Partner
Thomas J. Jacobson Specialist, Contract Administration and Property Control
Ken Jacquin Partner
Shailedra Jain Professor
Mark James Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Communications
David Jenkins President and CEO
Skyler Jenks Huntsman School Senator
Karli Jennings Talent Development Specialist
Robert M. Jensen Partner
Casey Jensen Corporate Attorney and Business Analyst
Jason D. Jensen Plant Manager
M. Kay Jeppesen Vice President of Information
Kenneth D. Jeppesen Partner
Steven John Director, Global IT
Susan Johnson President
Scott A. Johnson Credit Analysis Manager
Jeannie Johnson Associate Professor
Benjamin P. Johnson Director, Portfolio Consulting
Bradley K. Johnson CFO
Todd Jones Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dustin Jones Senior Vice President
Patricia Jones CEO
Kaye Jorgensen Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Member of Corporate Executive Team
Arun P.B. Kambhammettu Vice President of Technology
Rosabeth M. Kanter Arbuckle Professor of Business Administration and Chair
Ben Kaufmann Chief Financial Officer
Chalon Keller Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Wendy Keller Founder
Steve Kelly Chief Human Resources Officer
Jeff B. Kelly VP of Finance
Ross E. Kendell Former President and Chief Executive Officer
Miles Kimball Professor of Economics and Research Professor of Survey Research
Robert R. King Ambassador, Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights Issues
Richard King Vice President
Jason Kintzler Founder and CEO
Blake Kirby Chairman and CEO
John Knotwell CEO
Brady Knudsen Senior Associate - Transaction Advisory Services
Steve Koch Senior Relationship Manager, Institutional Fixed Income
Michelle Kolbe Manager of Data & Insights Engineering
Mark Kramer President and CEO
DeVon Labrum President and CEO
Ron Labrum President and Chief Executive Officer
Scott Laneri Business Senator
David Lang Director of Operations
Glenn N. Larkin Owner/Manager
Kurt Larsen Founder
K. Tim Larsen Partner
Robert T. Larson Director
Kimberly Larson Associate Vice President
Greg Larson Co-Founder and Managing Director
Bruce Lee President/Owner
Sarah Lehman CEO
David Lewis Vice President & CIO
Zongbin Li Financial Analyst
Caleb Light Cofounder and CFO
Katie Liljenquist Assistant Professor
LeeAnn B. Linderman Executive Vice President, Enterprise Retail Banking
Ryan Lindsey Chief Financial Officer
Don Linford Vice President for International Securities Solutions
Travis Lish President and CEO
Adam Lloyd
Stan Lockhart Government Affairs Coordinator
Becky Lockhart Speaker of the House
Joshua R. Lockhart HR Manager
Brent P. Lorimer Shareholder
Michael Loughton Partner, Portfolio Manager
Mark Low Partner
Tyson Lucherini Audit Senior
Chaz Lundquist Founder
Dannaea Lutz Data Conversion Consultant
Shauna Carter Mabey Former Director of Sales and Marketing
Ian C. MacMillan Academic Director, Professor
Crystal Maggelet Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
James Mahoney Former Executive Vice President of Operational Excellence and Compliance
Takis Makridis President and CEO
Sam Malouf President
Kacie Malouf Founder
James Manyika Chairman, Director, and Senior Partner
Scot Marsden Business Risk Consultant
Roger Martin Dean
Ryan Martin HR Business Partner
Alan Martin Founder and CEO
David J Martinez President
Jessica Mass Director of Aftercare
Nathalie Mathieu-Bolh Economics Professor
Barbara J. Matthews Global Learning & Leadership Development
Craig Maughan Student
Rich McElrath CEO
Danette McGilvray President and Principal Consultant
Grace Elena McGuire Business Development & Strategy Manager
Rob McKenna Principal
Rob McMillen Entrepreneur-in-Residence
Joshua McNeely Audit Associate
Edward McNulty Managing Partner
Roger McOmber Managing Partner
William H. McRaven Retired Admiral
Patricia Mcdougall William L. Haeberle Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management
Brent Meacham Marketing Manager
Walter R. Mead James Clarke Chace Professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities
Ty Measom President
Richelle Medellin VP of University Relations
Heidi Melin Chief Marketing Officer
Brett Merrell Senior Vice President, Health and Wellness
William Merrell Financial Advisor/Financial Planning Manager
Sara Dent Merrill Senior Media Strategist
Aaron J. Meyer CFO
Philip D. Mickey Director of Marketing
John Miller Former CEO
David Miller Chairman
Gail Miller Owner
Marshall Miller Co-Founder & Managing Director
Andrew K. Millerberg Business Sales Manager
Brady Millerberg Senior Manager
Steve Milovich President
Kamarudin Min Senior Special Tasks Officer to the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department
Kent Misener CIO and Treasurer
Debi Mofford Sr. VP of IT & CIO
Joseph Monteleone Associate
David Moody Sr. Financial Analyst
Joseph R. Morgan Asset Manager
Marcus Morrison Recruiter
Steve Mortenson Senator
Michael Mullen Retired Admiral
David Murphy Former CEO
Brady Murray President/CEO
William G. Murray Chair
R. Pepper Murray Orthopedic Surgeon
Nate Murray Chief Revenue Officer
Ajit Nair Founder, Chairman of the Board, and CEO
Dan Nebeker Founder
Steve Neeleman Founder and Vice Chair
Aaron J. Neeley Analyst
Ashley Nelson Talent Acquisition Manager
Patrick Nelson Principal, CEO, and President
Jason Nelson Owner
Michael N. Nelson Oracle DBA
James Nelson President and CEO
Mindy Ngo CMO
Niel Nickolaisen Chief Technology Officer
Wayne Niederhauser Former UT Senate President and USU Huntsman alumnus
Jeff Nielson President
Scott Nixon Managing Partner
Indra Nooyi Chairman and CEO
Ann Norman Development Officer
Sanda Ojiambo CEO and Executive Director
Brad Oldroyd Founder and CEO
Brandon Olsen Partner
Stuart Orgill Co-Founder
Jason Osborn Intern
Kortney Osborne Head of Marketing Campaigns and Events
Anna Ostrowski Sales Training and Recruiting Manager
Stan Pace Senior Partner and Director
Gaobo Pang Senior Economist
Max Pappas Public Policy Manager
Rachel Parcell Founder
Preston Parker Faculty
Dennis Parker Executive Vice President
Kevin Parker CEO & Chairman of the Board
Ruby Parkin Earl Senior Management, Sales Development
Paul Parkinson Vice President of Sales
Judi McLean Parks Taylor Professor of Organizational Behavior
Brett Parson CEO & Author
David W. Passey Investment Analyst
Ted Peck Assistant CIO
Robert G. Pedersen, II Co-founder, President/CEO, and Chairman
John E. Pepper Retired CEO and Chairman
L. Tom Perry Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Steve Peterson Founding Partner
Greg Peterson Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Gary Peterson Executive Vice President, Supply Chain and Production
Joel Peterson Chairman
Dennis Phillips Portfolio Director, Church Education System
David J. Pierce Director
Suzanne Pierce-Moore Trustee
Russ Piggott AVP & Branch Manager
Beau S. Pitcher Director of Strategic Initiatives
Kyle Poll Head of New Business Sales
Melanie Pond HR Manager
Val Potter Executive Director of Development
Todd Poulsen Senior Director of Ticket Sales and Service
Christopher Poulsen Marketing Executive
Charlie Precourt Vice President of Propulsion Systems
Lucas Prelius Mortgage Sales Manager
Edward C. Prescott W. P. Carey Chaired Professor
Nathan Putnam CEO and Co-founder
James Quigley Former Global CEO
Shawn Quinn Managing Partner
Robert Quinn Margaret Elliott Tracy Collegiate Professor in Business Administration & Professor of Management and Organizations
Kristal Ray Director, Customer Experience
Skyler Raymond Account Executive
Alan S. Raymond Senior VP of Sales
Brad Razook Executive VP and CEO of Resources
Danna Redmond Founder, Producer
Brenda Rees Chief Financial Officer
Jake Reni VP of Sales
Krystan Resch Senior Director of Partnerships
Vernon R. Rice Of Counsel
Bradford Rich Executive Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Jared Richards Founder
Daniel P. Rinehart Partner
Cary Ripplinger Chief Information Officer
Claire Roberts CEO
Jeff Roberts Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Judy Robinett President & CEO
Terry G. Rock Executive Vice President
Callie B. Rogers Of Counsel
Matthew G. Rose Senior Consultant
David Roskelley Founding Partner
Paul Rossiter Executive Vice President
Dave Roth Assurance Manager
Fraser D. Roy Shareholder
Craig Rupp President
Aysegul Sahin Richard J. Gonzalez Regents Chair in Economics
Patrick A. Salazar Manager of Pinterest Partner Solutions
Patrick Sammon Talent Acquisition Business Partner
Paige Sampson Sr. Business Development Representative - Enterprise High Tech
Mathnana Santiwat President
Tom Sargent William R Berkley Professor of Economics and Business
Paul Sargent Principal
Arjun Sathya Manager
Kevin Schmidt Premier Client Group
Jon Schmidt Musician
Travis Schow IS Director of Business Relations
Jeffrey Scott Owner
Bud Scruggs President
Lon Searle Chief Financial Officer
William Sederburg Commissioner
Rich Seeley Chief Information Officer
Kyle Severn HR Leadership Development Program
Daren Shaw Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking
Duane Shaw Principal Owner and Founder
Eytan Sheshinski Sir Isaac Wolfson Professor of Public Finance at Hebrew University
Eric Shipley CFO
Ken Shotts The David S. and Ann M. Barlow Professor of Political Economy Professor of Political Science
Clark P. Skeen President
Norm Smallwood Co-Founder and CEO
Scott M. Smith Founder
Adam Smith CFO and co-owner
Davis Smith Founder and CEO
David L. Smith VP/Finance Division
Vernon L. Smith President and Founder
Ryan Smith Senior Collegiate Talent Acquisition Advisor
Matthew Smith Human Resources Manager
Ryan Smith Co-Founder and CEO
Steven R. Smith Managing Partner
Steven E. Snow General Authority
Mark Soelberg President and CEO
Charles Sorenson President and Chief Executive Officer
Gene Spaulding Founder/Partner
Susan E. Stager Retirement Counselor
Steve Starks President
Tim Stay CEO
Jeff Steed Shareholder/Partner
Jason J. Steinmann Purchasing Agent
Lynn M. Stephens Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Bryan Stevenson Partner
Gary Stevenson Presiding Bishop
Nick Stewart CEO
Quentin Stewart Managing Director
Todd Stewart Chief Credit Officer
Tom Stockham CEO
Margaret Stohl Comic Book Author
John Stossel Fox Business Host and Fox News Contributor
David Stowell Professor of Finance
Ryan S. Stowers Vice President for Higher Education
John C. Stringham Shareholder
David Struve Technical Writer
Brett W. Stuart CEO
David Sturt Executive Vice President, Institute and Marketing
Karl Sun Co-Founder and CEO
Richard Swart Strategic Advisor
Nicole Tanner Co-Founder
Tami Van Tassell Partner
Nadir Tekarli Business Senator
Amit Tekwanit Managing Director
Cydni Tetro Entrepreneur in Residence
Bob Thomas Officer / Owner
Dean H. Thompson Private Wealth Management
Ken Thompson Principal
Jason Thorkelson Personal Banker
Jon K. Titus Chief Operating Officer
Jeremy Tobacman Assistant Professor of Business and Public Policy
David Toledo Cofounder and President
Tyler Tolson Founder & CEO
Kay L. Toolson CEO
Jordan E. Toone Shareholder
Mel Torrie Founder, President, and CEO
Brad Triebsch Managing Partner
Jamaica Trinnaman Owner
Mark Trout Chief Technology Officer
Taylor Turnbull Director of Sales, West Coast
Douglas G. Turnquist President/CEO
Dave Ulrich Senior Vice President
Karl T. Ulrich CIBC Professor of Entrepreneurship and e-Commerce
Michael Useem Director of the Center for Leadership and Change Management
Matt Vance Employee Experience Manager
Rick L. Velasquez Director, Product Management
Amy Venezia Director of Employee Development
Padma Venkataraman Board of Directors
Ben Vera Business Senator
Justin Verma Audit Associate
Robert Wagstaff Founder and Chairman of the Board
Parker Walbeck Founder
Scott Walker Founder and Chairman
Erica Wallace Talent Acquisition Manager
Tenia Wallace Creative Director
Anne Wallin Brand Communications Lead
Alan Walsh EVP Human Resources
Chad Wassmer Marketing Manager
Stephen Watson Senior Manager
Scott Watterson Co-Founder
Jayne Weaver Sales Operations Manager
Ned Weinshenker President
Steve Welker Director of IT
Matt Wells Head Football Coach
Jason R. Wendel Partner
Jeffrey J. West Associate Vice President,
Margaret Wheatley Co-founder and President emerita
Justin Wheeler Chief Executive Officer
Jeremy White Founder
Tessa White Founder
Clark Whitworth Chief Executive Officer
Franck Wiebe Chief Economist
Scott Wilcox Specialized Risk Analyst
Clark Wilkinson Partner
Tyler Williams Regional VP of Sales
Father Oliver Williams Associate Professor
Tom Willis CEO/President
Travis Wilson Partner
Ben Wilson Vice President of Compliances and Industry Relations
Marlon Wilson CEO
Craig L. Winder Attorney
Joe Wood Vice President of Sales & Customer Engagement
Dustin Wood Audit Shareholder
Paul Woodland Founders Board/Mentor for The Center for Entrepreneurship
Brandon I. Woodward Territory Support Manager
Warner Woodworth Global Social Entrepreneur
Kenneth Woolley Chairman and CEO
Lynn Wooten Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Jerry Wright Managing Director
Rob Wuebker Post-Doctoral Fellow, Strategy/Entrepreneurship
Kent Wuthrich Executive Vice President of PM/PD
Wes Yeomans Partner
Chelsea Yoshikawa Campus Recruiting Lead/Customer Account Lead II
Oliver Young Sales and Marketing Director
Steve Young President & Co-Founder
Mark Young Franchisee
Frank Yuan Chairman and CEO
Muhammad Yunus Founder
Maharba Zapata Founder and Owner
Mark Zembal Founder/Principal
John H. (Jack) Zenger CEO
Eric Zenger Franchise Owner
Nick Zollinger Vice President/Principal Industry Specialist