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Brooke Deterline

Brooke Deterline

Title: Partner & CEO

Company: Courageous Leadership, LLC

Location: San Francisco, CA

Educational Background:

Bachelors, New York University, 1991

Huntsman School Interactions:

Leadership Forum Series Speaker - October 28, 2016


As CEO of Courageous Leadership, LLC, Brooke and her colleagues help boards, executives, and teams develop the understanding and skills to act with ethical courage and ingenuity to overcome complex social and business challenges. Building on her experiences as the founding Corporate Director for the Heroic Imagination Project with Phil Zimbardo, Brooke combines social and cognitive psychology and a strategic focus with a passion for leadership excellence, inclusion, empowerment, and collaboration.

Previously, Brooke co-founded Street Smart IR, a San Francisco-based investor relations firm, focusing on leadership candor and credibility and corporate social responsibility. A former journalist at SmartMoney magazine and trained mediator, she focuses on building relationships, surfacing individual and systemic challenges that interfere with collaboration, and helping teams achieve structural, team, and individual patterns that support long-term success. Brooke is passionate about working with healthcare organizations, social enterprises, and organizations committed to significant, positive impact. Brooke has completed numerous courses in leadership and social entrepreneurship, including certification programs in CSR and corporate board training at UC Berkeley’s Haas School, mediation training at the Justice Center of Atlanta, and executive finance at Stanford. Brooke has also completed intensive cross-cultural competency facilitation programs and privilege work.