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Pass/Fail Spring & Summer 2020

Based on the current circumstance, surrounding COVID-19, students are permitted to change any of their courses, including Major and Minor required courses in the Huntsman School of Business, to a Pass/Fail during Spring and Summer 2020 semesters.

A grade of C- or better will result in a final notation of ‘P’ on the student transcript which does not affect the student’s GPA. D+, D, and F grades will show on the transcript and will calculate into the GPA. A pass/fail cannot be reversed. Note: there may be a delay of up to two weeks after grades are submitted, before the notation of ‘P’ shows on the student transcript

If you have scholarships it is advised that you contact the scholarship office to see how changing a course to a Pass/Fail may affect your scholarships and standing. 

Please note that some graduate programs allow a minimum of “P” s on a transcript and this varies by program. 

If you would like assistance in changing one or more of your Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 courses to a Pass/Fail, please contact your academic advisor and include the following in your correspondence.

  • A#
  • Course Prefix
  • Course Number
  • CRN Number
  • Section Number
  • Credit Amount 

You can locate this information on your detailed student schedule in Banner.

We know the change of delivery method can affect you in a variety of ways. In order to provide more leniency and time to determine how this change impacts you, we have extended the time to May 19, 2020 to change your grade mode from a letter grade to a pass/fail. 

Please check the Registrar’s website for the most up to date information at