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Math Requirements

Students in the Huntsman School of Business are required to complete STAT 2300 or STAT 2000 as part of their program requirements. In addition, Economics students must also complete MATH 1100 or MATH 1210. You may need to complete a Math placement exam prior to registering for your Math course.

If you have earned any of the following scores/credits sufficient to place you into a math or stats course, within the past one year (three semesters: spring, summer, fall), you can use these as prerequisites and do not need to take the math placement exam:

  1. A passing grade (C-or higher) in a college-level math course
  2. A sufficient score on the ACT or SAT math exams
  3. A sufficient score on an AP Calculus exam
  4. Credit for the IBO Mathematics exam
Utah State University uses ALEKS PPL for placement, preparation, and learning.