Business Administration

Logan Advising

Advisor: Barbara Baird
Office: Business 309
Phone Number: 435.797.2272

Regional Campus Advising

Students pursuing a distance education major must contact the advisors at their specific location.

Regional Campus Advisors


Major Requirements

Huntsman School of Business Policies and Information

  • Students must be formally admitted to the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.
  • Students may complete up to 15 USU Huntsman School of Business required credits numbered 2000 and above including transfer credits prior to formal admittance to the Huntsman School.
  • Students transferring more than 15 acceptable credits must receive Huntsman School admittance prior to completing further Huntsman School required courses.
  • Huntsman School applications are processed every semester. Applications must be received by December 1 for Spring, April 1 for Summer, and July 1 for Fall.
  • Minimum grade requirement for MIS 2200 and ENGL 2010 will be applied and based on admission time period.
  • In order to register for 3000-, 4000- and 5000-level courses in the Huntsman School, a 2.67 overall GPA is required.
  • Completion of a minimum of 40 credits numbered 3000 or above.
  • A 2.50 GPA in core and major courses is required for graduation.
  • For semester availability and prerequisites, see the USU general catalog.
  • All Utah State University graduation requirements must be met. Check USU catalog for more information regarding requirements.
  • It is strongly recommended that graduation applications be completed two semesters prior to graduation.
  • Math 1100 is recommended for Business Administration majors contemplating graduate studies in Business Administration.

University Credit Requirements

USU Requirements

Total Credits 120
C- or better credits 100
Upper Division 40
USU residency credits 30

University Studies Requirements

General Education

Competency Requirements

Communications Literacy (CL)

ENGL 1010 Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose (CL1) 3
(or AP English or ACT English ≥29 or CLEP)
ENGL 2010* Intermediate Writing: Research Writing in a Persuasive Mode (CL2) 3

Quantitative Literacy (QL)

 MATH 1050 College Algebra (QL) 4
(or one course in Math or Stats requiring Math 1050 as a prerequisite or AP Calculus score of 3 or better)

* This course must be completed with a C grade or higher.

Breadth Requirements

Select at least one approved course from each of the following six categories. (A maximum of 4 CLEP or AP areas may be used.) Approved courses can be found in the USU catalog, the semester schedule book, and online at

American Inst.   ECN 1500 3
Creative Arts USU 1330 or Approved Course 3
Humanities USU 1320 or Approved Course   3
Life Sciences USU 1350 or Approved Course   3
Physical Sciences USU 1360 or Approved Course   3
Social Science ECN 2010 3
Exploration Credit Approved Course 3

Depth Requirements

Required Depth Courses (Two courses outside discipline)

3000+ Level Humanities and Creative Arts (DHA) Approved Course 2-3
3000+ Level Life and Physical Science (DSC) Approved Course 3

Communications Intensive (Two courses which are part of major)

MIS 3200 Business Communication 3
MGT 4890 Strategic Planning and Execution 3

Quantitative Intensive (One course which is part of major)

FIN 3400 Corporate Finance 3

Business Administration Major Requirements

Business Acumen 40 Credits

ACCT 2010 Financial Accounting Principles 3
ACCT 2020 Managerial Accounting Principles 3
ECN 1500* Econ Institutions (Macroeconomics (BAI) 3
ECN 2010 Intro to Microeconomics (BSS) 3
ECN 3400 OR
MIS 3300 (recommended)
Global Economic Institutions (DSS)
Big Data Analytics
FIN 3200 Financial Management 2
FIN 3400 Corporate Finance (QI) 2
MGT 2050 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 2
MGT 3500 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
MGT 3700 Operations Management 2
MGT 3800 Leadership 2
MGT 3890 System Strategy & Problem Solving 2
MIS 2100 Principles of MIS 3
MIS 3200 Business Communications (CI) 3
STAT 2300 OR 2000* Business Statistics (QL) 4

*These courses must be completed with a C grade or higher.

Major Requirements 27 Credits

Required Courses 19 Credits

(B- or better required in MGT 3500 and 3700)

MGT 3250 Introduction to Human Resources 3
MGT 3820 International Management 2
MGT 4530 Marketing Research 3
MGT 4600 Negotiations 2
MGT 4730 Business and Society 2
MGT 4790 Managing Global Value Chains 2
MGT 4890 Strategic Planning and Execution (CI) 3
MGT 5730 Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement 2

Revised 3.31.14

Elective Courses 8 credits

Choose a minimum of 8 credits from the following:

These electives could go towards earning a minor. (See minor requirement sheets)

Minors Options
MGT 4250 Advanced Internship 1-3
ECN 5150 Comparative Economics Systems 3 Economics
MGT 3510 New Venture Fundamentals 2 Entrepreneurship  
MGT 3520 New Venture Management 2 Entrepreneurship
MGT 3540 New Venture Financing 2 Human Resources Management
MGT 3110 Managing Organizations and People 3 Human Resources Management
MGT 3710 Team Management 2 Human Resources Management  
MGT 3810 Employment Law 3 Human Resources Management  
MGT 3900
MGT 3910
Strategic Mktg in Hospitality & Tourism OR
Rev. & Cost Management in Hospitality Management
3 Hospitality and Tourism
MGT 3920
MGT 3930
Hospitality Management & Operations OR
Tourism & Event Administration
3 Hospitality and Tourism
MGT 4510 Buyer Behavior 2 Marketing
MGT 4550 Brand Management 2 Marketing
MGT 4560 Strategic Sales 2 Marketing
MGT 4720 Production Planning & Control 2 Operations Management