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Professional Accounting Program (PAcc)

Concurrent Bachelor and Master's Degree

  • The USU PAcc allows accounting students to begin taking graduate classes during their “senior year” and to complete requirements for both the Bachelors degree and the Masters degree concurrently over a 2 year period.
  • Current USU Accounting students in their junior year who meet the performance criteria can apply without an admissions exam. 
  • Coursework and professional internships may be configured in the way that will most benefit each student individually.

  • Earlier commitment to the professional program provides benefits to students including advising and development of a roadmap to program completion and eligibility for professional certification (CPA).
  • Graduate credit may be allowed for a professional internship at the time most favorable to student and prospective employer, any time between the junior year and program completion.
  • Only one additional year to earn Masters degree with 150 total credits for both Bachelors and Masters degrees.
  • Significant cost savings available through USU split form policy which allows up to 9 credits of graduate coursework at undergraduate tuition rates and extended eligibility for federal Pell grant funding.

Application through School of Accountancy to PAcc:

  • Take the GMAT entrance exam or fulfill requirements for GMAT waiver as follows:
    • Students with Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from USU: Students eligible for this GMAT waiver must have at least a 3.5 overall GPA, last 60 credit hours GPA and accounting GPA.
    • Students with Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from an approved U.S. Institution other than USU: Students eligible for this GMAT waiver must have at least a 3.7 overall GPA, last 60 credit hours GPA and accounting GPA.
    • Possible Exceptions to GPAs listed above: Students within .2 points of these respective GPA requirements may be granted a waiver based on prior relevant work experience, offers of employment in relevant field and/or the recommendations of academic instructors and employers. Supporting documentation must be provided. Please contact the MAcc advisor with questions regarding this portfolio approach to obtaining a GMAT waiver.
  • Receive PAcc acceptance.
  • Apply online to the concurrent program by October 1st for Spring start, July 1 for Fall, and March 1st for Summer semester. Admission requirements are described on PAcc Bulletin and may not be processed until 90 credits of coursework are posted to transcript.
  • (Optional) Apply for Scholarships/Graduate Assistantships from the School of Accountancy and Huntsman School of Business by March 1 for upcoming academic year (Summer, Fall, Spring).
  • Finalize Program of Study for graduate coursework and obtain necessary advisor and administrative approval by end of semester prior to completion.
  • Apply online for undergraduate graduation packet and complete requirements (in semester prior to completion)
  • Pay undergraduate tuition during your “senior year” (first year in program).
  • Pay graduate tuition beginning the semester you have 21 credits remaining in the program.
  • Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in the approved courses of your concurrent program and score no lower than a "C" in any course.
  • Complete and return graduation forms emailed to you by School of Graduate Studies
  • Completion requirement forms will be initiated by the School of Accountancy – students will review and sign by middle of completion semester
    • Application for bachelor’s graduation
    • Split Form to Grad School and Registrar requests posting of courses to the correct degree
    • Letter of Completion form by department head verifying that all requirements have been completed

Huntsman School of Business differential tuition is applied by course number and is not reduced by enrollment in the concurrent program.



Caption: Jill Aoki and Anthony
  Lemon are two of 39 individuals
 who were awarded the prestigious
Elijah Watt Sells Award for their
performance on the CPA exam.

Nate Stephens, PhD, CPA, Director of Graduate Accounting Programs

School of Accountancy, EBB 803