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Accounting Internships

Historically, the global accounting education model has relied heavily on apprenticeships. Increasingly, the USA model is adopting this approach. This is being evidenced in the form of internship experiences. Your curriculum planning should include serious consideration of an internship experience. Indeed, it is reasonable to expect that future placements into entry-level professional accounting positions are most likely to originate via internships. The nature and timing of internships varies considerably, however, many public accounting internships occur in the January to April time period. Your long-term curriculum planning should take such timing issues into consideration. For more information and assistance in securing your internship, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

Important Advice

As a student in the School of Accountancy, you will have many opportunities to network with firms that recruit our students. These opportunities begin to arise as early as your sophomore year. Each exposure provides you with an excellent opportunity to make a favorable impression. No contact should be taken casually! Always dress appropriate for the occasion, and maintain a professional decorum and attitude. Indeed, approach each interaction in the same way you approach a formal interview event.

You should also know that firms frequently consult with professors and fellow classmates. Potential employers will seek to learn about your work habits, ethical conduct, attitude about team work, and general intellect. All of these issues help shape impressions upon which your eventual recruitment will depend.

Finally, you should spend time becoming very familiar with the firms that recruit our students. A potential employer expects you to ask informed questions. There is an expectation that you will have already drilled down on firm background information that is readily available. The expectation should be met well before you begin interacting with these firms at professional meetings, Meet the Firms night, etc. Remember that chance favors the well prepared, and we want you to have the best chance possible to obtain a meaningful internship experience.

Internship Opportunities

access Aggie Handshake for a current list of available internships.

Internship Companies

Following is a sampling of companies that have expressed interest in recruiting USU students into accounting internship positions: