Analytical Rigor

Critical analytical thinking is the bedrock of decision making. At the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, analytical rigor is incorporated throughout the curriculum. From the use of data analytics and business intelligence tools to sophisticated financial and economic analysis to reading and analyzing business trends, our students are expected to develop mastery in communication and critical thinking skills.

The Huntsman School has made significant investments to help our students refine their analytical skills. One such investment is the Bloomberg Professional service, a desktop, real-time, massive data stream widely used by the largest financial services companies around the world. Students have the opportunity differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive job market by learning to use the same system that is relied upon by leading professionals every day.

Those who know how to find the right data, analyze it correctly and communicate that information to decision makers will prove valuable additions to any leadership team. That’s why analytical rigor is central to what we teach inside and outside the classroom at the Huntsman School. These skills give our students a competitive edge as they go out into a dynamic and global marketplace where leaders must have accurate information to make the kinds of effective, strategic decisions that will keep their companies one step ahead of the competition.


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