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Global Learning Experiences

Student at Site Visit to Le BivouacDeveloping a global mindset is imperative for students in the Huntsman School of Business who will enter a highly globalized marketplace upon graduation. To achieve this objective, the school has developed a broad portfolio of global learning experiences that combine academic coursework with rich, in-country experiences. Undergraduates can choose from week-long city break programs in London and Paris or longer summer programs in South America and Asia. Students in the Master of Business Administration and Master of Human Resources programs spend 10 days in destinations such as South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

All programs include coursework that provides country/region specific context and establishes a foundation for understanding and appreciating the economic environment of the countries visited. While in-country, students visit a wide variety of organizations and meet with business leaders to learn about products, processes, and strategies. This allows them to achieve objectives in the marketplace and confidently address the challenges and opportunities that organizations face.

USU Students in South AmericaMany of the organizations visited are the result of introductions made by or hosted by alumni and friends. Expanding the network of organizations available to host visits is critical to program success. Alumni and friends can also support the programs by speaking to students in the classroom and sharing their experiences. These engagements can lead to important mentoring opportunities.

Many Huntsman students seek internships and jobs overseas or with organizations that can offer experience in the global marketplace. Alumni and friends can play an important role in identifying or offering appropriate opportunities. They can also support scholarship programs
that are critical in helping students meet the financial challenges associated with overseas academic and professional development activities.

Please contact Liz Allred, Program Director, at for more information on how to get involved with Global Learning Experiences.

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Liz AllredLiz Allred

Program Director, Global Learning Experiences