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Scholarships & USU Tuition

Scholarship Opportunities

The Huntsman School of Business offers $1.3 million in scholarships to current Huntsman students, incoming high school students, and incoming transfer students. Huntsman School scholarships are funded through the generosity of our alumni, friends, and corporate partners.

Huntsman School scholarships are separate from scholarships offered through USU, and can be stacked on top of other scholarships from USU.

Incoming High School Student Scholarships

Enrollment Scholars Scholarship
Huntsman Scholar Program Scholarship

Current Huntsman Students & Incoming Transfer Students

Huntsman Scholar Program Scholarship
Huntsman School Academic Scholarship
Hansen Differential Tuition Scholarship
Huntsman School Opportunity Scholarship

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fees rates: 2015-2016 Tuition Fee Schedule

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Information: USU Financial Aid Office