Mission Statement

"We achieve excellence in accounting education by providing an engaged learning experience,
empowering our students to distinguish themselves as ethical, dedicated,
and successful business professionals. "


Guiding Principles

The following eight values guide us in accomplishing our mission:


We expect adherence to the highest standards of honesty, personal accountability, and ethical behavior from our faculty and our students.


We promote the fair treatment of individuals and aspire to an increased global vision by respecting, experiencing, and learning from diverse points of view.


We seek to disseminate accounting, information technology and business knowledge in dynamic and creative ways to our students and business community.


We are committed to producing new and relevant educational and business research and

to a process of lifelong learning for ourselves and our students.


We value the diverse contributions received from our students, faculty, alumni, employers, and business community.


We seek to create rigorous learning activities that challenge our students to be well-rounded critical thinkers and communicators, capable of undertaking leadership roles.

Global Vision

We embrace the opportunities resulting from an increasingly dynamic and interconnected global business environment.


We seek continual improvement in our financial strength and national prominence.