Balanced Score Card

The SOA uses the balanced scorecard framework to document the continuous improvement made on its strategic initiatives across four broad perspectives (financial, customer, innovation and learning, and iinternal business).

  • Within the financial perspective, the initiatives are: (1) build a prosperous and financially viable School of Accountancy; and (2) develop the financial resources of the School of Accountancy.
  • Within the customer perspective, the major strategic initiatives are: (1) prepare students to effectively serve organizations in a global society; (2) enhance student satisfaction with their educational experience; and (3) enhance relationships with alumni, employers, and friends.
  • Within the innovation and learning perspective, the initiatives are: (1) cultivate a climate for teaching innovation; (2) continuously improve the design, delivery, and assessment of the curriculum; and (3) increase the scholarly productivity of the faculty.
  • Within the internal business perspective (process), the initiatives are: (1) ensure the scholastic quality of incoming students to undergraduate and graduate programs; (2) recruit, develop, and retain a highly qualified faculty; and (3) promote student diversity and exposure to global issues.

Various assessment tools are used to measure the department's progress toward these initiatives.