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Executive Shingo MBA

Education for Executives

The Huntsman School of Business in partnership with the Shingo Institute is proud to offer the Executive Shingo MBA with a specialization in Shingo Leadership and Enterprise Excellence. This program has been developed for experienced professionals looking to implement continuous improvement practices into their workplace.

The Shingo Institute

Rooted in the philosophies of Shigeo Shingo of Toyota, the Shingo ModelTM has been developed and refined at Utah State University over the past 27 years and is an internationally recognized standard for creating an organizational culture based on philosophies of whole enterprise excellence. This executive MBA program utilizes the Shingo Model to help students approach value creation from a new perspective. Our veteran professors with successful, real-world experience will help students better understand what differentiates organizations that have experienced sustained improvement and consistent delivery of success to their stakeholders.

Your Company Is Part of the Curriculum

With the Executive Shingo MBA, you won’t need to wait until finishing your degree to begin using what you have learned in class. Exploring how Shingo practices can be implemented into your company’s projects will be part of your coursework. Knowledgeable professors and Shingo examiners will be available as resources to address the unique challenges facing your company, along with fellow executives in your cohort. With a world-class education, the Executive Shingo MBA curriculum bridges the gap between the classroom and the boardroom.

What Do I Need to Do?

Located near an international airport in historic downtown Salt Lake City, our monthly classes allow students from across the country to receive the education they need to succeed.  Experienced professors, competitive tuition, and partnership with the world-renowned Shingo Institute will give you a dynamic and applicable MBA degree. Begin taking steps to grow by starting our online application process. If you have additional questions about the MBA program, please reach out to our office. We are ready to answer any questions you might have about our program and your personal circumstances.

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