Student Experience

"I can tell them that the only thing you will ever regret is not doing more for the program and for those changing their lives through their new businesses."

Trevor Boden (Peru, Fall 2010)

"Many people don't get hands on experience of the process of taking an idea, developing a business plan, creating financial projections, and assisting in the due diligence process.."

Riley Hendrickson (Peru, Summer 2012)

"I was so grateful for this oppurtunity that was given to me. I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life and I encourage everyone who want to apply for SEED to do so."

Geoff Andrews (Peru, Spring 2013)


"I wanted to participate in the SEED internship because I feel it offers a great opportunity to put to practice all that I have learned while at USU. This internship will truly be able to make a real impact in my life as well as in the lives of the people I get to work with."

Garrett Hansen (Ghana, Fall 2013)

"I am gratefule for the friendships I developed, the small difference I was able to make, and the change that has come about in my own life."

Dustin Evans(Ghana, Spring 2013)

"The USU SEED program provided me the oppurtunity to teach others the things I had learned in the Jon M Huntsman School of Business."

Summer Jones (Ghana, Fall 2010)