The Huntsman Scholar Program consists of undergraduate students in various stages of their education, completing a degree in business. Within the program, there are three levels that hold different responsibilities and opportunities:


CANDIDATE LEVEL (Freshmen/Sophomores)

Caleb Gorring in class

Focus on the following:

  • Core Business Acumen Coursework
  • USU General Education Requirements
  • Enroll in a Business Honors Course
  • Attend weekly Huntsman Scholar Meetings
  • Compete for additional Huntsman School Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Participate in service projects and various leadership opportunities

SCHOLAR LEVEL (Juniors/Seniors)

Focus on the following:

  • Participate in the Scholar Semester (fall semester), an intensive, 15-credit semester of upper division course work designed to introduce students to the integration of business and politics on a global and regional level. The semester maintains a unique schedule of on-campus coursework and off campus travel abroad to Europe.
  • Attend weekly Huntsman Scholar Meetings
  • Participate in service projects and various leadership opportunities (when they are on campus, this is expected)

Fall Scholar Semester Coursework* (15 Credits):

  • MGT/ECON 3300 Contemporary Issues & International Trade – 3 credits
  • MGT 3820 International Negotiations – 2 credits
  • MGT 3830 International Law – 2 credits
  • MGT 4050 International Marketing – 2 credits
  • ECON 4500H The Political Economy of the European Union – 3 credits
  • ECON 5150H Comparative Economic Systems – 3 credits

*Actual courses subject to change each year

MENTOR LEVEL (Juniors/Seniors)

Mentor Level Huntsman Scholar student mentoringAfter completing the Scholar Semester, students automatically become part of the Mentor Level.

Focus on the following:

  • Upper division business coursework and graduation requirements
  • Complete an Honors Internship or Thesis
  • Attend weekly Huntsman Scholar Meetings
  • Attend bi-monthly Mentor Council Meetings
  • Serve as a mentor for Candidates and Scholars
  • Provide assistance with the leadership and implementation of the program