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Quantitative Society for Pensions and Saving (QSPS)

picQSPS is a forum for the discussion of saving for retirement, public and private pension design and reform, life-cycle modeling and behavior, and many other related topics. The vision of QSPS has been facilitated via the organization of an annual QSPS Summer Conference/Workshop in May of each year. The annual workshop takes place in a selective setting in which 10-12 participants each have one hour to present and discuss his or her theoretical or empirical research. This format creates an atmosphere in which presenters are able to receive in-depth peer feedback while interacting extensively with other workshop participants. A premium is placed on research that is quantitatively rigorous. The QSPS Summer Workshop is held on the exclusive 9th floor conference room of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, which provides spectacular scenic views of Cache Valley and the surrounding mountains of Northern Utah.

2016 Workshop (MAY 19-21, 2016):

See the Call for Papers.

Feedback from past participants:

"The QSPS workshop provides highly valuable interaction among participants who present high-quality research papers. QSPS is very comparable to many of the top field conferences in economics. It was one of the best conferences that I have ever attended."

Sagiri Kitao
Associate Professor of Economics, Hunter College, City University of New York
2012 QSPS Workshop Participant

“The amount of interaction and feedback at QSPS is definitely much, much higher relative to other conferences. There are few conferences that successfully maintain the quality that QSPS achieves.”

Roozbeh Hosseini
Assistant Professor of Economics, ArizonaState University
2011 QSPS Workshop Participant

“This conference is on par with the NBER conferences in terms of discussion and quality.”

Kerk Phillips
Associate Professor of Economics, Brigham Young University
2011 QSPS Workshop Participant

“This conference was fantastic in all respects. The presentations were great, and I received very useful feedback. The hiking was spectacular. I thought that the format of mixing the conference with the outdoors worked wonderfully, because it gave participants the opportunity to interact with one another much more than is the norm at such events.”

Maria Casanova
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of California-Los Angeles
2013 QSPS Workshop Participant

“Compared to other workshops and conferences, QSPS provides much better opportunities for interaction with other participants, absolutely great social activities, and it is held in a very scenic location. QSPS allows a participant to receive high-quality feedback on presented research.”

Svetlana Pashchenko
Assistant Professor of Economics, Uppsala University
2011 QSPS Workshop Participant

“QSPS provides a wonderful atmosphere to present and receive feedback, while having enough time to get to know other participants to discuss related work.”

Aspen Gorry
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of California-Santa Cruz
2011 QSPS Workshop Participant

“I thought this was one of the best conferences that I've ever attended.”

James Feigenbaum
Assistant Professor of Economics, Utah State University
2009 QSPS Keynote Speaker

“The QSPS Summer Workshop and people were so great, that I stayed until the last session at 5 p.m. even though my flight departed from Salt Lake City at 3 p.m.”

Lei (Nick) Guo Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Economics, The University of Minnesota
2009 QSPS Workshop Participant

“I thought that the workshop was very well organized. I really appreciated the one hour format for the presentations and the possibility to have discussions during the breaks and meals. I learned a lot in two days.”

Nathalie Mathieu-Bolh
Assistant Professor of Economics, The University of Vermont
2010 QSPS Workshop Participant

“I have attended many other conferences and can compare based on my experience. The amount of insightful questions and helpful suggestions that I received from the workshop participants is just beyond any possible expectations I could have initially put on this workshop.”

Natalia Khorunzhina
Assistant Professor of Economics, Copenhagen Business School
2010 QSPS Workshop Participant

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