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Rising to the Top

Acct Article

The Huntsman School of Business is on the path to becoming a top tier business school, as indicated by the most recent Public Accounting Report Annual Rankings. 

Both the undergraduate and master’s degrees in accounting at HSB have been ranked in the Top 50 in the nation, at 39 and 35, respectively.  Among programs with 15 or fewer full time accounting faculty, both programs rank 4th nationwide.  These rankings are determined by a survey of accounting professors rating the quality of collegiate accounting programs, including reputation of faculty from a publishing standpoint, student placement, and graduates’ performance where they place.   

Having programs ranked among the top 50 nationwide creates professional opportunities for students.  “It creates interest in our program.  Since we’ve started entering that ranking, we’ve seen an increase in our students placing outside of the Utah market with big international firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young.  They have the opportunity to go all over the place,” says Dr. Chris Skousen, Associate Department Head, School of Accountancy.

HSB accounting students also recently demonstrated the quality and excellence of their training in the accounting program by placing 2nd Honorable Mention at Deloitte’s FanTAXtic regional competition in Salt Lake City in November 2016.  Shannan Peel, Ashley Hernandez, Slater Duncan, Kyle Merrill, and Derek Droesbeke were given a case and approximately 250 pages of supporting materials to study over the course of three weeks.  They presented their findings and recommendations to Deloitte partners, competing against teams from the top five undergraduate accounting programs in the nation including BYU, Texas A&M, and UT Austin. 

Dr. Skousen is proud of the instruction accounting students are receiving in the Huntsman School.  “To be able to beat out teams from schools with higher rankings demonstrates that our students can compete with anybody from anywhere.  We’re giving them the tools to be competitive nationally and internationally, and they’re performing.  They’re not just doing well, they’re doing great.”