Huntsman Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

Spring 2013

Selected Faculty Publications


Chad Simon authored with W.F. Messier and J.L. Smith, “Two Decades of Behavioral Research on Analytical Procedures: What Have We Learned?” in Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, 32 (1): pages 139-181.

Rosemary Fullerton authored with F.A. Kennedy and S.K. Widener, “Management accounting and control practices in a lean manufacturing environment,” in Accounting, Organizations and Society, 2013. 38, pages 50-71.


Alison Cook and Christy Glass authored, “Glass Cliffs and Organizational Saviors: Barriers to Minority Leadership in Work Organizations,” forthcoming in Social Problems, 2013.

Alison Cook and Christy Glass authored, “Women and Top Leadership Positions: Toward an Institutional Analysis,” forth- coming in Gender, Work and Organization, 2013.

Alison Cook and Christy Glass authored, “Glass Cliffs, Bold Moves and Organizational Saviors: Analyzing the Promotion of Racial/ Ethnic Minority CEOs,” forthcom- ing in the Journal of Managerial Psychology, 2013.


John Gilbert authored with R. Oladi, “Net Campaign Contributions, Agricultural Interests, and Votes on Liberalizing Trade with China,” in Public Choice, 2012, 150(3-4), pages 745-69.

John Gilbert authored with R. Oladi, “Buyer and Seller Concentration in Global Commodity Markets,” in Review of Development Economics, 2012, 16(2), pages 359-67.

James Feigenbaum authored with S. Bagchi, “Is smoking a fiscal good?” in the Review of Economic Dynamics, 2013.


Nicole Forsgren Velasquez and two others—B.J. Donie and A.B.M. Koster—were awarded a U.S. hardware patent, number 8,281,154, on October 2, 2012, for “Encrypting Data in Volatile Memory.” Professor Velasquez said the patent “describes an encrypted memory allocation function, which is paired with en- crypted input/output operations to further obfuscate memory in RAM. One possible use of this patent is to help further safeguard against cold boot attacks.”