Huntsman Alumni Magazine Spring 2013

Spring 2013

Newly Hired Football Coach Matt Wells Brings a Huntsman Education to Work on the Field

Coaching a football team is not unlike running a business for newly hired head USU football coach Matt Wells. The former Huntsman student says it gives him and his team an edge others may not have.

“It requires leadership,” he said. “I think it requires vision. Business was my background, and I think a lot of what I learned has helped me in this world of coaching college football. Whether it’s managing people, setting up systems and functions, or following through, it’s all business and process related.”

There are now 10 members of the team who are Huntsman business students. Coach Wells said the experience they have on the football team will be beneficial for their future business careers, as well as in life.

A strengthened work ethic, goal setting, dealing with failure, and recovering are all skills his students can gain through his football program, Coach Wells said. “Football so closely resembles life,” he said. “It gives these students an advantage to be a Division I student-athlete.”

Football players enrolled in the Huntsman School of Business include Nick Chronister, Paul Clark, Kyler Fackrell, Chuckie Keeton, B.J. Larsen, Alex Marsaw, Michael Oknokwo, Travis Seefeldt, Brian Suite, and Josh Thompson.