Huntsman Alumni Magazine Fall 2011

Spring 2014

Bringing a Vision to Reality

Nowhere SafeThere are not many things more risky than making a movie, and especially a movie the whole family can watch. Even knowing this, Paul Parkinson, ’93, Economics, left a 16-year career in the medical supply business to form a media company, Gradual Elevate Media, in January 2012. Two years later, his first project has come to full fruition.

“I wanted to create movies that not only entertain, but that also address current social issues. That’s what I’ve done with ‘Nowhere Safe,’” Parkinson said. The first showing was held on February 27 at the Larry H. Miller Megaplaex Gateway in Salt Lake City, in front of a packed theater of more than 500 people. “One thing we can all control is how we treat each other. For whatever reason, civility and kindness seem to be on the decline. So I made a movie that addresses the issue, particularly among teens. “

Parkinson’s plans include not only a continual slate of films, but also a digital platform that carries movies more in touch with the values most people have in common.

“When I first started in this business, everyone told me you can’t make a movie with a message. My reply has always been, ‘Every movie has a message. Most are negative messages that don’t uplift or make society any better.’ Mine will all be positive.’”