Huntsman Alumni Magazine Fall 2011

Fall 2011

The Leadership Challenge: Jim Quigley

The Jon M. Huntsman School trains leaders to be ethical, effective, and entrepreneurial. People in top leadership positions face many challenges, a number of which can be considered under the rubric of “balance.” How much to invest, for example, balanced against how much to harvest. Aggressively seeking short-term growth, balanced against the long-term needs of customers and employees. We spoke to six outstanding leaders, who all have degrees from Utah State—five in business and one in engineering—to find out how they have balanced their leadership challenges and pressures, while creating value.

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2011 Distinguished Executive Alumnus Award

For Scott Walker (BA ’77), recipient of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business 2011 Distinguished Executive Alumnus Award, the ultimate measuring stick of his life is helping the next generation of global entrepreneurs realize their potential.

A conversation with Scott Walker about his vision for business success in a global economy is a lot like riding a new super roller coaster at a theme park.

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The 3rd Alternative

In February 2010, Stephen R. Covey became the first Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Chair in Leadership. In his role as a research professor he continues to write and influence leaders around the world who want to center their lives on timeless principles and synergistic practices.

It would be easy to argue that the world could use a little dose of Stephen R. Covey, the Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Chair in Leadership.

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Growing Leaders

According to leadership expert Noel Tichy, “Winning companies win because they have good leaders who nurture the development of other leaders at all levels of the organization.” Nurturing leadership across the organization doesn’t happen by chance — it requires focused attention, starting at he top of the organization.

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Future: USU grad creates and sells iFrogz business

When he started college he paid his bills by launching a window-washing company.

Scott Huskinson, ’01, marketing, doesn’t appear to have changed much since then but his life sure has. In June, he and his partner, Clay Broadbent, sold iFrogz, the company they founded in 2006, for $105 million to a Salt Lake City company, ZAGG.

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New Faces: Professor known for his economic analysis of public policy decisions comes to USU

William F. Shughart, II, an economist from the University of Mississippi, who is a syndicated columnist, respected editor and researcher, is now a professor at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.

He is a micro-economist with a strong interest in public policy and the application of economic theories to decision making in non-market settings.

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New Faces: Award-Winning Notre Dame Professor Becomes An Aggie

An award-winning Notre Dame researcher, recognized for his research on trust, has come to the Huntsman School of Business to become the new head of the Department of Management.

James H. Davis, who will also be a professor, is known for launching the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of Notre Dame in 1998, which he called “an entrepreneurship ecosystem.” In the 10 years he served as its director, it was consistently ranked among the top 20 programs in the country.

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Dean's Message

A Message from Douglas D. Anderson

By any measure, progress at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business during the last five years has been extraordinary—thanks to the generous support and diligent efforts of our many friends, faculty, students, and staff. Notwithstanding the severe economic downturn of the last three years and the corresponding reduction of legislative funding, our financial picture has never been better.

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My Favorite Professor

My Favorite Professor: Professor Mixes Baseball, Rock Music, and Databases

Think of yourself at a packed Blue Öyster Cult concert listening to the famous introduction to Blue Öyster Cult’s hit song, “Don’t Fear The Reaper.” Can you hear the main guitar riff in your head? Can you feel the growing excitement added by the drums and energized crowd?

Now picture yourself sitting in a business school classroom learning the theory and applications for designing, developing and maintaining database systems from a clean-cut, polite professor who always wears a white shirt and a tie.

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Vision: It Can Take a Bit of Vision to Succeed

In December of 2008, when I learned that my family business, Flying J, was going to enter bankruptcy I was shocked. We had been on an amazing path of growth for the past five years and there had been no real warning signs.

An army of attorneys and consultants advised us to bring a restructuring executive to lead the company. My gut instinct was that we needed a family member calling the shots if we wanted to pay creditors back.

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Voice: Two-Ears, One-Mouth Principle Makes Good Rule

Some years ago I identified some guiding principles present in my life that had been very useful up to that point and served to be extremely useful from that point forward. I call them the “Rules I Live By.” They are:

Honesty and integrity provide the framework for all decisions. There is not a job, client, or business worth the price of moral sacrifice or the compromise of personal values.

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