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Spring 2014

Aggies Dominate in Finance Competition

The Finance Team

The Huntsman team, from left to right, Spencer Montgomery, Alyssa Johnson, Brooke Siler, Zack Maxfield, and Eliana Fernandez.

In February, the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Challenge team from the Huntsman School took second place in a regional competition against teams from BYU, Weber State, University of Utah, Westminster College, and Utah Valley University, losing only to a team of graduate students from the U of U.

“The USU team invested hundreds of hours in their research and presentations,” said Professor Brad Johnson, mentor and coach for the USU CFA team. “This team was made up of what I think are the brightest and hardest working students we have at the Huntsman School.”

Along with the financial analysis skills they developed, the team also honed their presentation and team building abilities.

The CFA Challenge is an annual competition that gives university students hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis. The students assumed the role of research analysts and had to value a stock, write an initiation-of-coverage report, and present their recommendations to a panel of experienced analysts.

Their second place finish is the highest ever for a USU team in this competition and earned glowing compliments from the judges and members of the CFA community.

The team included Eliana Fernandez, Zach Maxfield, Spencer Montgomery, Brooke Siler, and Alyssa Johnson. Eliana Fernadez and Brooke Siler will begin working in the Global Investment Research Division of Goldman Sachs this summer. Zach Maxfield will begin his work with Deloitte this summer, while Spencer Montgomery will be pursuing a Ph.D. and Alyssa Johnson pursuing a job in investment research.