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Fall 2012

Huntsman Professors Have Written Some Books You Should Know About

Yes, textbooks can be expensive to buy. Some big international publishers, such as Pearson, Reed-Elsevier, and Wolters-Kluwer, have been able to charge a high price for textbooks—books that can become obsolete every couple of years when a new edition is published.

But Larry Walther, School of Accountancy head at the Huntsman School, has a different idea. His excellent textbook is available free online at He is part of the new wave of “open access” authors that has been growing. Check out his online book. Perhaps you’d like to strengthen your accounting skills in an area that has changed or answer a question related to your own personal finances. Continuing education is just a click away with Dr. Walther’s book.

Other Huntsman professors have published a number of textbooks, business books, and general interest books. Here are just a few noteworthy tomes to feed your appetite for lifelong learning.

Chad Albrecht, Steve Albrecht, and M. Zimbelman have published “Fraud Examination: 4th Edition,” from Cengage Learning, 2011.

Chester Brough published a standard, “Business Law and Ethics” in 2011, from Kendall Hunt.

Mike Glauser has written two books about entrepreneurship. The second one is “The Business of Heart: How Everyday Americans Are Changing the World,” from Shadow Mountain Press.

Stacey Hills is the author of “The Marketing Fundamentals Field Guide,” with an edition published in 2011 by Kendall-Hunt.

Vijay Kannan now has written “International Business in the 21st Century, Volume 2—Going Global: Implementing International Business Operations,” published in 2011 by Praeger.

Eric Schulz has published a new edition of his marketing book entitled, “The Smart Marketer’s Toolbox,” 2012.

William Shughart has co-authored, with M. Reksulak and L. Razzolini, “The Elgar Companion to Public Choice,” 2nd edition, in Cheltenham, U.K., from Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

Randy Simmons co-authored with B.D. Gardner “Aquanomics: Water Markets and the Environment,” 2012, in Piscataway, N.J., from Transaction Publishers.