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Spring 2010

Bill Child

Photo by Clancy Benedict

When billionaire Warren Buffett tells you that you should write a book, it’s probably advice worth heeding.

At least that’s the way Bill Child saw it. The result is the book How to Build a Business Warren Buffet Would Buy: The R.C. Willey Story.

Mr. Child is the entrepreneur who led R.C. Willey Home Furnishings from a tiny operation in Syracuse, Utah, to a thriving business with 14 stores, which he eventually sold to Warren Buffett. The book was written by Jeff Benedict, an author and distinguished professor of English at Southern Virginia University.

Dean Douglas D. Anderson called the book one of the great all-time business case studies he has read. He told the students at a Dean’s Convocation where Mr. Child and Mr. Benedict spoke that if they looked to the life of Mr. Child and emulated him, they would have success.

“Bill Child represents the best of America. In matters of family, philanthropy, business or just plain citizenship, anyone who follows in his footsteps is heading true north.”

- Warren Buffett

Mr. Benedict, who has written eight critically acclaimed books, including The Mormon Way of Doing Business, said he enjoyed writing the book that he called a “good, simple, clean, inspiring story.”

“Trust matters, it really does,” Mr. Benedict said. “And Bill’s story is all about that.”

Mr. Child said that Mr. Buffett, who wrote the foreword to the book, told him he should write it saying, “If you can change just one person’s life in some way by writing a book, it’s worth it.” Mr. Child will give any royalties from the book to charity.