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Fall 2009

New professor brings international background to Huntsman.

When Diana Weinert Thomas tells you she’s from Germany, it’s likely you’ll try to find out what she means by that.

Did she live in Germany for a time? Was her last job in Germany?

Diana Weinert Thomas (Photo by Steve Eaton)

Thomas was born and raised in Germany but that just doesn’t seem possible because she speaks without a hint of an accent.

She said she came on a foreign-exchange program to live with a family in Pennsylvania when she was 16. She has since earned her bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., and it doesn’t look like the language was a barrier to her there, because she won the “Snavely Award” for having the best G.P.A. in her doctoral class.

Her research applies economic principles to decision making within the political process.

“It builds on the assumption that politicians, just like people outside of politics, respond to incentives and are interested in their own well-being,” she said.

Thomas will be teaching principles of microeconomics.

“I want to get involved with all the different programs they have that take people abroad and help students in getting hands-on business experience,” she said. “With my background in international business and my German heritage, I think I’ll be able to contribute to the school’s global goals.”