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Fall 2010

Jonathan Bullen, ‘78, Business Administration

CEO & President, Eagle Gate College Group

Jonathan W. Bullen has seen success in the involvement of many different things; he is one of the largest stockholders of portfolio real estate assets managed by Wasatch Property Management, he is owner and president of Eagle Gate College Group and Evolution Fitness, and he is owner and manager of Bullen and Harris LLC, a management and investment company.

For Jonathan, entrepreneurial spirit is not simply about success in business enterprise. “I believe that ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ applies more broadly to anyone who chooses to conceive and create what they dream about,” Jonathan said. “Thinking, conceiving, dreaming and then taking the risk to see it come about — you won’t be bored!”

Jonathan is motivated by accomplishing great things and by making an impact for those he works with and his family. Success, he says, begins internally. “It all starts with our thoughts, especially the ones we have about ourselves,” he said.

A lot to learn from history:

Jonathan is most inspired by Abraham Lincoln

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