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Fall 2010

Kent Alder ’74, Finance, ‘80, Accounting

President & CEO, TTM Technologies

For Kent Alder, entrepreneurial spirit begins with a clear and inspirational vision of what a company can become and how to get there.

“The achievement of that vision must energize your team,” Kent said. “You must be totally dedicated and make sacrifices in other aspects of life in order to overcome obstacles and achieve success. You must be willing to learn, grow, adjust and adapt but never lose sight of your goal. Finally, you have to take risks and put your personal reputation on the line.”

Kent’s company TTM Technologies makes printed circuit boards for commercial aircraft navigation systems, highspeed routers for corporate networks, medical diagnostic imaging systems and more. His entrepreneurial endeavors have taught him that success cannot be achieved alone.

He appreciates Harry Truman’s words: “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Similarly, Kent believes that an entrepreneur shows “ambition, total dedication and the willingness to sacrifice and share in success.”

How about those Aggies?

Kent’s favorite color is Aggie Blue