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Fall 2010

Laird Washburn, ‘90, Speech

CEO, nuvoH2O

Laird Washburn, CEO of nuvoH2O, is helping to make the planet a little greener. Laird has created a salt-free water softener, which alleviates strain on the environment and costs 50-80 percent less than other water softeners. nuvoH2O serves some of the nation’s largest businesses, including Disney, Walgreens, MGM and the New York Yankees.

Laird is most inspired by his family and believes in treating everyone equally. His favorite quote, from Sir Winston Churchill, reads: “I like pigs. Cats look down on human beings, dogs look up to them, but pigs just treat us as their equals.”

Laird believes educated risks, not gambles, can lead to success. “Most people use ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ as the justification to take unnecessary gambles in business,” Laird said. “It is true that someone with an entrepreneurial spirit is comfortable taking risk, but someone with true entrepreneurial spirit is not gambling but understands intelligent risk taking.”

Tee it Up!

In his spare time, look for Laird on the golf course, enjoying his favorite pastime.