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Fall 2010

Ajit Nair, ’96, MBA

CEO, ProV International

A balance of dreams and hard work are key to any success, says Ajit Nair.

“A successful entrepreneur will have his head in the clouds and his feet on the ground,” he said. “We must never give up on our life goals while at the same time ensuring to stay grounded.”

Ajit’s willingness to be involved and lead by example began in college. While at USU he was involved as a member of the International Student Council, MBA Student Association and Graduate Student Services, in addition to writing a weekly column for the Utah Statesman titled “Country at a Glance.”

Today, Ajit is founder, chairman of the board and CEO of ProV International, a premier information technology services provider.

Ajit advises budding entrepreneurs to strive to gain confidence. “The most important piece of advice I can give to anyone is to always believe in yourself no matter what the odds,” he said. “If you believe you can do something and you have the drive and perseverance to back it up, no one can stop you.”

Ajit’s love for USU:

“It was the total package. I was in a foreign country on my own attending school and everything was new. I was getting a great education with wonderful professors and making new friends. It was a great experience.”

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