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Fall 2009

Huntsman students take top honors at state business competition

Utah State University students took first place in eight events in April 2009 at a state leadership conference that tested business skills in a variety of areas.

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business students are members of Phi Beta Lamba (PBL), a collegiate business organization. They competed in a two-day conference sponsored by the national PBL organization.

The USU students who took first place in various events were as follows: Derek Kent,Vikki Ballard, Zachary Harrison, Daren Larsen, Dannaea Ward and Lisa Hathaway. The following USU students placed second: Dannaea Ward, JP Parish, Daren Larsen and Stephanie Call. Dannaea Ward also placed third.

“We are proud of these students because they go the extra mile to refine the job skills they’ll put to use in the marketplace,” said Krystn Clark, advisor for the Huntsman School’s PBL chapter. “It is particularly rewarding to see them do so well in contests that test ethical and entrepreneurial instincts because those are areas we emphasize daily at the Huntsman School of Business.”