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Spring 2009

Founder of Reminderband and ifrogz says he makes management decisions by the heart

A Logan businessman, who started a company that has become a leading supplier of wrist bands traditionally used in fund-raising, was presented with a Professional Achievement Award in September 2008.

Scott Huskinson is the CEO and president of Reminderband and iFrogz.

“When I was contacted for this I thought, what do they want from me?” he said after receiving the award. “I’m not a speaker. I’m not a motivator.”

Anyone familiar with Huskinson’s story, however, knows why he was picked and why many would be motivated after hearing his story. While he was still in school he started Future Dads, a window cleaning service. He and his partner had something in common: their wives were both expecting. Their slogan? “We’re expecting your business.”

The part-time ventures he launched to get him through school proved so successful that he had trouble finding the time to finish his degree. He stuck with it and even though it took a few more years than usual, in 2001 he earned his degree in marketing education.

His biggest entrepreneurial move came when he started a company with a friend, Clay Broadbent, called Reminderband just after Lance Armstrong made the “Live Strong” bands popular. Deseret Book became one of his first customers with an order for 35,000 bands that said “Choose The Right” on them. USU also helped his business get off the ground with an order for 10,000 bands.

The company has since developed an innovative production and distribution model that produces custom wristbands in quantities as low as one or as many as a million or more and have them shipped in less than a week.

Huskinson and Broadbent have also launched ifrogz, a company that is now the leading supplier of iPod accessories.

When he got the Professional Achievement Award he quickly thanked his wife, Jenae,
for supporting his ventures over the years. He wouldn’t claim credit for his company’s success, saying instead that he has been “blessed” to work with good people.

“We make business decisions with our head and management decisions with our heart,” he said. “I know that’s the key to some of the success we have experienced.”