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Spring 2009

President of Dale Barton Agency urges students to live life of integrity

The president and CEO of the Dale Barton Agency told a Dean’s Convocation audience in October 2008 how consistently choosing an ethical path has helped him build the kind of reputation that’s led to his company’s success and growth.


Sam Clark started working for the Dale Barton Agency in 1975 while he was still a student at the University of Utah. While there he was a student body officer, and he graduated in 1977 with degrees in finance, management and accounting.

He started as a file clerk and worked his way up. In 1984, he purchased an interest in the Dale Barton Agency to become a co-owner and an officer. In 2004, he bought out his partner and became president and CEO of the company.

He told numerous stories about how holding to high ethical standards has paid off in his business and suggested each student make a decision now to be a “man or woman of integrity.”

“It takes 30 years to build a reputation,” he said, “and you can lose that reputation in 30 seconds.”

He also talked about the importance of customer service, saying, “As you have an attitude of service, it’s easier to work at whatever you might do.”

He said that he and others are willing to come and speak with the students because they want them to go out and make a difference in the world.